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Companion just got some new light. #kaws

When the weeds out grow the plants. #wetwinter

Late night reservations.

Brain food.


This man is full of stories and wisdom. I have learned so much from him over my life. I would visit his house when I was little and I always loved when he "let" mow his acre lawn with the ride-on mower and "let" swing an axe to chop the firewood for the night. He took my sister an I on 5 day boating trips and taught me how to back a trailer into the water (I was too young to drive, so I watched and learned). I will never forget those trips with just Grandpa Bob and us kids. He is a war veteran, he is a doctor and most of all he is my Grandpa. And I am forever grateful.
I had the chance to visit him today and I am so thankful I did, it was just like it was when I was little. The knowledge given and stories told, just like old times. He is getting older now and he hates it, but still funny as hell. A real straight shooter my Grandpa is, but with a heart of gold. Here is to many more visits like this Grandpa.
Photo: 12/26/2016

I have a feeling this year is going to be mine. #yearofthedragon #35yearoldstocking

The reason for the season. Lady singing Rudolph why a girl holds a floating Rudolph... this is why I love Christmas. #mallchristmasisthebest #seeingthingsthroughadifferentlens

Going through the photo albums and ran across this little gem.

Almost time. šŸŒ² #staringcontest #ilost

She is alive! Thanks to @mjgillmore for all the help. This was a fun 6 month project, but excited on how she came out.