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The Ruby Suns  New video 'The Zipper' out now.


I got to see @theladysmithblackmambazo and it was absolutely incredible!

The instrumental version of ‘Dramatikk’ was used in Jody Hill’s new feature ‘The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter’. You can watch it over on Netflix if you’re into that sort of thing.

Got my music ready for the dj gig tonight. First time sans cds or otherwise. Nervous. I look upon usb DJ rigs with similar suspicion as I do Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a myth and I’m about to find out if cd-less cdjs are too

Found a friend in Wellington

@springbreaknz is playing @darkroomchch tonight and Wellington @carolinevenue tomorrow with a bunch of cool people! You can get these awesome @leeshirtgibbons designed Ts at the shows or here:

Gr8 to be back #nyu zullund

Didn’t even think about burning it.

@azsawest and @muffinsformiles made this beautiful piece of art to my song ‘The Zipper’ and they gabbed about it over at @broadly. Go check it out! (Link in bio)

Playing the new devil stick game for vr playstation!


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