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Happy Pitcember! This month I’m sporting a full pit bush to bring awareness to how much society controls and polices women’s bodies. From the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade and the growing number of unqualified predators in office, to the beauty industry that ‘empowers’ women to spend all their resources on appearance, we reinforce that women’s value is derived from their body and if they don’t comply, they’re diminished and penalized.
I may seem white and privileged, but I was once a poor little Russian Jew and grew up in a culture built around men and their egos. I was 10 the first time I realized my body wasn’t ok, when my dad and brother started teasing me about my weight. We had just moved to the US and discovered cheap, processed food. Soon I started hitting the gym compulsively, no one questioning what a 10 year old was doing lifting weights. Thus also began my unhealthy relationship with food. But worse than those compulsions, my confidence was crushed and became connected to my appearance and how men perceived me - which wasted my time and kept me from focusing on my real strengths and world domination. Dieting, exercise, make up, hair, and clothes continued to absorb my time and money, and still do. Thou I’m able to compartmentalize and see some aspects as self expression and others as mutual obligations to attract mates, I’m pissed at the lack of choice. I wanna choose to wear make up and not be told I look tired if I don’t, I want the waiter to take my dietary restrictions seriously and not assume he knows best, I want to wear the same goddamn outfit every day and I want it to be loose around my waist, and I want safe, guaranteed access to abortion and all reproductive care because it’s my body and health. But also b/c I’m sick of society punishing women while doing nothing to condemn men for getting us pregnant, or whining about condoms, or neglecting financial and emotional support, or coercing women into having sex in the first place. Instead we reward and elect them.
Guess what I’m trying to say is I still have my hang ups and I wrote this a while back when Kavanaugh got confirmed, but it took me a while to grow out my pits.

Sexycutioner, 2018, oil on canvas, 44”x62” #happymonday #happyhanukkah #itsamiracle

Have a couple pieces up in a show @lobogallery / @george_gallery tonight! Come check it out 🤗

Mike and Ike #carbloading

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