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chillin "poolside" from earlier today. today has been slow coming out from our first stab at night-time weaning. between Olive's fever and his displeasure with the situation, I didn't fall asleep until the birds started chirping and the sun was rising... πŸ˜… but couldn't have done it without my equally sleepy partner @vashondon. somehow we feel surprisingly ok with the lack of sleep ✨ parenting powers ✨ but I'm inhabiting all sorts of emotions today. embracing my feeling blue, closing a sort of super-baby chapter with him at night when the rest of the house was asleep and just grieving it, not knowing if this is the last time I get to do all of this. didn't think my quest for slumber would rock me this time around, but continue we will. his bassinet went up for gifting on my local mom's group + I started the crib hunt. cue the onslaught of emotions from mami growing pains. thanks for all of your victories, honest testaments and notions of good luck yesterday and in my box today! XO #honestmotherhood #oliveandherfox

you guys. come onnnn. who could resist a guy eating a biscuit like this? πŸ˜‚ I've been waiting a year for nekked baby weather! 🌞 #foxhendrix #babybuttsdrivemenuts

thanking you all ✨ to the moon & back ✨ on my last post about night-weaning. this shall soon be the summer of sleep! #foxhendrix

just your average getting-ready-for-the-day scene 😜 nursing for 10 second increments, she's rummaging through my purse and he's playing with his feet. 11 months strong in the nursing game and no plans of stopping anytime soon if we get our way BUT I'm thinkin' bout some night weanin' for sleep's sake. any advice in keeping boobie snacks for daytime only? I'm done having kids that don't sleep through the night πŸ˜‚#feedingwithlove #eatingmysleep

with the heat wave (and a first birthday looming) has come the baby fever... but this year is back to petals + pedals with my honeys. it was just brought to my attention that this was a year ago! 😩 this might have been the fastest year of my life and now that little mystery dude in there is throwing pancakes at his sister ❀️ #memorybankmonday

it's been a two party kinda Sunday πŸ˜‹ #housesandbabies #theroserambler

finally! sun in Seattle! and maybe to stay... we've been waiting since we bought this place in a October to start getting around to house projects, but needed a stretch of 🌞 finally getting to tackle the 800 sq ft classroom from the 60's that was dropped into the backyard that we plan to add a wrap around covered porch to for entertaining during the wet months and rehab the interior to a his + hers brews | blossoms | bike shop so we can keep doing everything we love from home with our babies. up goes @behrpaint Broadway black! 🌸🍻🚲 #heartkeephome

dinner help. my sprouts picking sprouts 🌱🌱🌱 #oliveandherfox

baby meets 1st peony πŸ€— #foxhendrix

next thing I know: pulled up on my shoulder + standing proud! πŸ’” #foxhendrix

melt me! watching Papi at the races last night ❀️ #foxhendrix #wednesdaynightworlds

r&r + new things to start this wet ass week off 🌼 #rainraingoaway #theroserambler

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