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"When I wrote a song about freedom two years ago, everyone was like, 'what is he talking about?' Now Freedom is more important to us than ever!" @Pharrell shouted #FREEDOM and the stadium shook when the crowd cried out "FREEDOM"
What does #Freedom mean for you?
Reply in the comments below.
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It was a historic moment; @Pharrell ignited the crowd with Freedom, @bilalmusic broke it down to them with #ItAintFair and @BlackThought and @blackfootwhitefoot brought it home.
Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday.
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Walk into the week like!

Tag your Squad!
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From @Questlove on the 21st Anniversary of #illadelphhalflife:
"Sept 24, 1996 our 3rd album #illadelfhalflife was released. This was our, “We WILL not be ignored” album.
The day I read that @@@@1/2 review in @thesource I cried in the bathroom of #TheWetlands. The anxiety and relief.
From busking in 92 to trying to get a deal in 93, to fending for ourselves in 94, to praying we don’t drown in 95—but being determined to get that respect—took 3 attempts, but man. The incense and candle crowd of ORGANIX was scratching their heads when #DYWM came out 2 years later sounding a lil more HIP HOP and less Poetry n Jazz.
So imaging everyone’s reaction when we turned our backs on the Do You Want More supporters and churned out a super lyrical assault. We had something to prove and Philly had something to prove.
As I discovered last year, the fire at the Universal vaults in 2006 destroyed our masters, our dats, our half inch mixes, even our videos (Google Universal Fire Vaults—They lost movies/Music/Archives—everything)
I had grand plans to do some crazy deluxe extra songs treats but—*Sigh* 5 songs are missing. SO thank GOD for streaming culture and the deal we struck in 2004.
It’s still up there in its original glory (I’m not mad at the mixes, it still holds up)
*Raises a toast*
To my 3rd kid: I.H. Happy 21st"
May you be inspired to #NeverDoWhatTheyDo Salute this day and share your memories of this important album in the comments below.
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"You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times."
-Nina Simone

This week marks the 7th anniversary of @TheRoots @JohnLegend project, #WakeUp released September 21, 2010.

The WAKE UP album is artist collaboration at its finest:


Wake up holds a mirror to America and may inspire you to be active, be hopeful, be optimistic, be woke.

Give it a spin.
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
#theroots #Johnlegend #blackthought #wakeup #collaborateandlisten #ninasimone


Released on September 21, 2010.

The @JohnLegend @TheRoots collab was crowned winner of the 2010 @recordingacademy Grammy Award for Best R&B Album.
The Wake Up album paid tribute to legends of the past and introduced new legends of the future. It was a critical success and considered a reintroduction of soul music as a tool for social change.

@Questlove remarked, "I wanted to choose cover songs that were so under the radar, so uniquely interpreted, that it would take you a second to realise that these are cover songs"
America's political climate formed the bedrock for the album's creation, "I was in the middle of campaigning for Barack Obama and feeling inspired by the atmosphere in the country at the time, so I wanted to do something musically that reflected that moment. The original idea was to do some sort of covers EP, but the more I got into it with the Roots, it felt like something that should be heard and marketed on its own," commented John Legend.

Wake Up resonates more than ever today, like the power work of its predecessors Everything is Everything and What's Going On, and continues to be a valuable resource for uplift in these trying times.

What are your most memorable tracks?

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Set The Week Off Like...
What's your motivation this week?
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October 17
The Legendary Roots Crew are coming to Dallas for a night of Symphonic Hip Hop at the Toyota Music Factory @thepaviliontmf
We'll be playing with the #DallasPops 50 Piece Orchestra fronted by THE @miguelatwoodferguson who will be the composer leading us all!
And what's a @theroots Show without bringing our friends to join us? We'll have Dallas' own @erykahbadu, the great @robertglasper and the mind blowing vocals of @bilalmusic
Who knows who else might show up!??! Tickets are available at @Ticketmaster.
If you can't make it, our performance will be live streamed on @AmazonMusic #TwitchChannel
Make Sure You Have A Seat!
Hit the link in our bio for tix.
Who's Joining Us?
#SymphonicHipHop #Dallaspops #theroots #therootspix #badu #glasper #bilial #itaintfair #livenation #livenationurban @sgventures @blackthought @questlove @jamespoyser @rayangry @ianhendricksonsmith @jeremyellislive @stroelliot @tubagoodingjr @kirklloyd @lukeriverside @tinafarristours @brandon_pankey @heatherlowery @livenationurban @iamsuede


Proceed to grab tix for when @TheRoots touch down in your town!

SEPT 23 @cayugasound ITHACA

SEPT 24 #concert4cville

OCT 17 Hip Hop Symphony (link in bio)

Now let's throw it back.
What's your favorite @TheRoots collab?
Respond in the comments.

Red Hot + Cool
Proceed II
Roy Ayers and The Roots
#throwbackthursday #TBT #DiggingInTheCrates #Proceed #cayugasound #concert4cville #handinhand #sierraleone #ithaca #hiphopsymphony #dallas #SymphonicHipHop

Can You Tag Everyone In This Photo?
#HandInHand #Hurricane #Relief

When The Legendary Roots Crew is joined by Living Legend @officialherbalpert

Drums: @questlove
Percussion: @stroelliot
Keys: @jamespoyser
Bass: Mark Kelly
Guitar: @kirklloyd
Engineer: @stevemandel
If you don't know now you know!
#hypnotize #notoriousBIG #AM
#BRoll #BTS #THEROOTS #HerbAlpert

Do You Want More?

September 23, @TheRoots will have The Finger Lakes in a choke hold at @cayugasound
Sept 24, The Legendary crew will hold court in Charlottesville, Va alongside @davematthewsband @pharrell @justintimberlake @chrisstapleton @arianagrande @cagetheelephant and a few special guests in an evening of music and unity.

Oct 17, you may also catch the hardest working band in show biz with the Dallas Pops 50 piece orchestra at the new @thepavilionimf
But for right now, in this moment, to tide you over, you can get this @blackthought verse!
DO YOU WANT MORE!??! #DoYouWantMore #TheRoots #BlackThought #birdseyeview #TheImperial #StatikSelectah #MauriceBrown #utril #CasWeinbren #DonaldRCole #Bluenote #Cayungasound #Ithaca #concert4cville

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