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TJ  Florida life🌴@ftp • Skate and Lax FSW class of 2018 • Majoring in Environmental Engineering !

My boo. 🤘#ftp

FTP. #ftp @ftp

I am about midway through my journey on becoming an Environmental Engineer and I couldn't be any more appreciative of my opportunities. Florida SouthWestern has provided me with the most amazing opportunities whether it be Marine Biology field trips on the boat, or just a highway litter clean up with my peers. I've learned so much and I literally get to go to class on the beach. I cannot complain. I can't wait to continue my efforts on wildlife conservation and to be able to eventually do this for a living is amazing. Not to mention this is also the reason I'll be able to get back into Lacrosse next spring at FGCU 👍😎 #fsw #marinebiology #oceanography #environmentalengineering #florida #fgcu

Being home for the holidays with my two best friends couldn't have been any better. Happy New Years everyone! 😎🍻 #gang

My little brother is a savage! Played in and won his first braveheart today. He isn't even 10 years old yet. I never even got to play in one 😩😩 lol little man is going places. #laxislife #runsinthefamily #braveheart #braveheartlacrosse

This Thanksgiving was the absolute best. Got to see all my peeps that I haven't seen in a long time. It was such a blast. This is home and I can't wait to be back up there. #Cleveland

#repost shoutout to Thrasher. Couldn't have said it any better. Gotta keep pushing.

Hahaha Dejae the funniest dude I ever met. Can't wait to see lil bro again. #freedon2018

YUPP!!! That game was too damn close #buckeyenation #OH #IO #buckeyes #ohiostate #bigtenfootball

Super stoked on catching my first Tarpon! Haha you would not believe the obstacles I passed to catch this damn fish. I've fished for this type of fish for years and finally caught my first. It was jumping all over the place. So much fun. 🎣😎🌴 #Florida #floridafishing #tarpon #tarponfishing #saltlife #catchandrelease #imwhiteaf

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