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Regarding the Wyatt/Bálor match this Sunday, I think that the WWE are trying to implement the fact that normal "leather jacket" Finn has never beaten Bray before into his storyline. The only time Finn defeated Bray was back at SummerSlam, but it was the Demon King. The whole "man to man" stuff makes me wonder if we're going to see Finn defeat Bray, thus proving him stronger than Wyatt pictures him to be. I'm going with Finn for the win tomorrow for sure though. I think he needs another win if he's supposed to be built more over the coming months. Interested to hear who you all got this Sunday, Finn Bálor or Bray Wyatt?

I wonder what's next for Ziggler. Who do you all think he'll be feuding with next? My guess is going to be Bobby Roode, considering they have a match at the Starrcade live event in a few months. Perhaps it'll start in a week or two when Dolph comes out with Roode's entrance, and it leads to a confrontation between the two, maybe? This would be very similar to Nakamura's debut on SDL though, and I see Ziggler losing to Roode like he did to Nakamura. Although I really like Bobby, I just don't wanna see Dolph as the type of guy that just puts over new talent from NXT all the time. Don't know if any of you can relate.

No Mercy was a great show last year and I'm hoping this year can top it all off! Dean vs Cena vs Styles was a great match on it's own, but I must say that Ziggler vs Miz was on another level of pure awesomeness. That was the time when SmackDown LIVE was on fire every week, but sadly I can't say the same about today's SmackDown. Braun vs Brock and Roman vs Cena are definitely going to be the best parts of the night, and I'm really looking forward to both. Both feuds have been really good so far and I'm hoping the actual match is even better. Who do you all see coming out victorious this Sunday?

Really been enjoying The Miz and his entourage lately! It was upsetting to know that the Intercontinental Title wasn't going to be defended at SummerSlam, but that was eventually made up for when he defended his title against Jeff Hardy in a really good match. No Mercy's really close, and I'm just hoping that Miz doesn't drop his title by then. I think his reign's been pretty decent, and I don't think now is the time to have him lose the belt. Jason might make a good Intercontinental Champion thoug, but I ultimately feel like it's too soon for that. Wanna know who you guys are rooting for, Miz or Jason?

Now that we know that Asuka's coming to RAW, when do you all expect her to enter the Women's Championship scene? Personally, I see her going in there about 3 months after debuting, just like Drew McIntyre in NXT. Her first three months will probably consist of squashing the likes of Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and possibly Emma before moving on to the likes of Bayley and Nia Jax. I'm guessing that she'll win the Women's Title at the Royal Rumble, while still carrying her undefeated streak. Now I have no idea who the champion's going to be heading into the Royal Rumble, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be either Sasha or Bliss. Whenever she does lose, it's going to be one hell of an unexpected moment and I'm sure everyone's going to go bizzare!

Something I would have done last year is having Seth Rollins turn face right after returning from injury back in 2016. I feel like that would have made the most sense, especially with that WWE 24 episode (which was great by the way.) Sure, he did eventually turn heel about three months after returning, but that face turn was just awkward in a way. Must say I actually did enjoy the three months that Rollins stayed heel though. He had some really good matches against Roman and Finn, and I cannot forget the Shield Triple Threat match that happened at Battleground. Always preferred Rollins as a heel though! What about all of you?

Some of my favorite CM Punk feuds of all time are the ones he had against Cena, Jeff, Brock, and Jericho. All four of those were really good in their own right and each feud had tons of really good matches. My favorite match of all time has to be Cena vs Punk at Money in the Bank 2011 though. That was a full-on masterpiece in my opinion. Give that a watch again if you have the time, It's definitely worth it! Let's talk about Punk in general. I know it's been three years, but I just really miss seeing Punk in a WWE ring. Whether he played a heel or a face, he played the role spectacularly. We'll probably never see Punk in a WWE ring again, but a small part inside me wants to believe it. What's your favorite Punk feud?

Styles' US Title reign has been okay at most. Really think that the Owens/Styles feud went on for a bit too long. I'm wondering about the US Title and how it's going to be used in the next couple of months, and I came up with two different scenarios and I'm gonna let you guys choose. -
A: Styles carries on as US Champion for a couple of more months, ultimately defending the title against the likes of Tye, Corbin, Sami, Rusev, and Orton. He eventually drops the title before Mania 34, and carries on with a WrestleMania feud after that, such as Nakamura vs Styles. -
B: AJ drops the US Title sometime soon, such as at HIAC or at the PPV after that. However, after dropping the title, he gets a rematch on a following SmackDown but loses, and he goes on to start a new feud with Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Styles wins the World Title at the Royal Rumble, whereas Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble itself. -
Myself? B.

Last night's NXT was one hell of a show! I think that NXT's been on fire ever since The Undisputed Era made their debut. I'm loving this multi-feud with Drew & Sanity against The Undisputed Era. Loved the spot during the end when Sanity showed up during the end and attacked The Undisputed Era. Not only that, but Roderick Strong is now Drew's next challenger for the NXT Title! Can't wait for TakeOver: Houston, it's gonna be one hell of a show. Don't know the exact card, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be filled with lots of great matches.

There were rumours spreading around sometime last month about Bray Wyatt getting put in a main event program. Wonder if that means he'll be defeating Finn Bálor at No Mercy though. Myself, I'm guessing he will. Bray hasn't felt like an actual threat in such a long time, it's crazy. He's practically a joke now. Having him defeat Bálor at No Mercy could be the start of his push, and eventually lead to a Universal Championship shot sometime before Mania. Besides, he'll be going against the normal Finn, and losses don't matter for normal Finn, it desn't affect him in any way. I'd be okay with Finn winning though. Who do you all got at #NoMercy?

Ziggler's new gimmick has been pretty fun and has successfully drawn heat from the crowd. I'm loving the idea of the gimmick and I personally find it entertaining every week when Ziggler comes out as someone new. Something I'm dying to see is Dolph coming out with CM Punk's music! It sounds unlikely and I highly doubt It'll ever happen but if it does, its going to be hilarious. I can imagine the crowd going crazy when they find out they've been trolled 😂. Reports are saying that Dolph vs Roode is the plan for now, and I have a feeling Ziggler's going to come out with Bobby's theme and then get confronted by Roode himself, ultimately leading to a match at HIAC. If that is the plan, I see Roode winning and moving on to bigger things. However I really hope Dolph gets a mid-card push after that.

What did you all think of SmackDown Live yesterday? To be honest, I didn't enjoy it that much. There weren't many enjoyable things about last night's show. Shane and Owens' promos were both really good respectively, but that's about it. Well, I must say the stuff with Styles, Corbin and Tye weren't bad at all. Hoping it leads to a triple threat at HIAC. The Superstar Shakeup basically ruined SmackDown. SmackDown was better than RAW by miles before the shakeup but now it's just vice versa. RAW's been on a massive streak of good episodes, whereas the same can't be said for SmackDown. Shane vs Owens is probably the only thing I look forward to on SD as of right now. Let's talk about Mahal's recent segments, I think they've been terrible. I used to be a bit on board with Mahal becoming champ but I just can't say the same anymore. I'd rate SD a 6/10, what about all of you?

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