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therock  Gratitude. Mana.

Gut check.
Here’s our new @underarmour campaign.
I’ve had to overcome a lot of kicks in the gut and shit to get where I’m at today. I’ll never take success for granted and I didn’t get here by complaining or bitching. I got here by putting my head down, rolling up my sleeves and being the hardest worker in the room. A philosophy I still embrace daily. The same philosophy these inspiring athletes I’m highlighting in my new @UnderArmour campaign embrace daily as well.
Champion sprinter @NatashaHastings; State boxing & gymnastics champion @OnwardWanna; Actress & taekwondo national champ Zoe Zhang; Olympic swimmer @mardiniysra; Ironman paratriathlete @Team_AgarJ and NBA point guard @DeSmith4.
We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, struggles and hard times. It’s either gonna be the excuse or the reason.. so how are you gonna get here?
@UnderArmour #WillFindsAWay

Scroll left to see some big, brown, bald tattooed dude crowned @GQ’s Best Dressed who also crushes his airport style with gigantic biceps and a huge head (circumference wise) to match.
Thank ya @GQ for the style nod and a big thank ya and hat tip to my stylist and one of my fav humans @ilariaurbinati - the Italian assassin.
#BestDressed #RAMPAGE #WorldTour #LA #London #ShangHai

Drove to the Universal Studios lot for a few meetings and wound up driving by the tourist tram in my pick up. I’m quite sure I heard everyone say, “Rock, you’re my favorite movie star”, or maybe it was my massive delusional ego that heard that.
Awesome moment. I’m like a big kid who loved surprising fans.
#UniversalLot #TourTram #PickUpTruckSurprise

This Thursday, I'm gonna introduce you to a few very unique and special athletes who, like myself and my dude @OnwardWanna here (who’s rocking a bad ass People’s Eyebrow) overcame obstacles and achieved their dreams through extreme hard work and willpower. Join us for the debut of our NEW @UnderArmour #WillFindsAWay campaign this week.

You’ve made RAMPAGE the #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD in virtually every territory on the planet.
I’m truly blown away with boundless gratitude for your love and support.
I have one boss - you - all the fans around the world who I serve. And I’ll always be “the hardest worker in the room” to make sure I deliver for you and always send you home happy and satisfied. 🤙🏾
And thanks for embracing the insanely fun ride that’s RAMPAGE.
#AudienceFirst #1MovieInThe🌎 #RAMPAGE

Jeff Bezos + RAMPAGE = 🤙🏾
The love and respect is mutual brother. Keep inspiring the world - myself included.
Look forward to working with you down the road... until then we’ll continue to be the trail blazing Smolder Bros who make being bald look bad ass and sexy on every day that ends with Y.
#BezosRock #TheSmolderBros

THANK YOU guys for making RAMPAGE the #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD - including #1 in the US. Wanted to make a big, fun ride to kick off the summer. Thank y’all for loving the ride.
To celebrate, I’m gonna go to Walmart and yodel now.

THANK YOU CHINA (from me and big George) for this massive love and support bringing in my biggest box opening ever in the Middle Kingdom and Warner Bros 2nd biggest opening of all time. This one means a lot.
I’ve worked extremely hard over the years to establish a real global relationship with every country around the world - including China.
Years ago when I set out to establish myself globally, I knew the odds were stacked against me, because I wasn’t going into all these territories around the world as a superhero for Marvel or DC or an established IP backing me like a Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc. I was going around the world as just me, Dwayne Johnson - the big, brown, bald, tattooed human being. Who laughs a lot, drinks a lil’ too much and cusses even more.
Stayed focused on my long term plan. 15 long years later - here we are.
#ThankYouCHINA #BiggestOpeningEver #RAMPAGE

Imagine being a 12yr old boy who goes to see RAMPAGE with his family on his BIRTHDAY.
THEN... The Rock shows up outta nowhere and surprises the entire theater.. AND THEN winds up singing happy birthday to the birthday boy.
Should’ve seen the look on Vinny’s face when I was singing to him and shook his hand.
Great birthday moment surprising fans last night at screenings of RAMPAGE.
He was so nervous he forgot how old he was
😂👊🏾 Its all good kid, I forget how old I am too. That’s why I always act like a kid.
#SurprisingFans #YouNeverKnowWhenDJWillPopUp #BestPartOfMyJob #RAMPAGE

RAMPAGING around the 🌎. Thank ya AUSTRALIA for immortalizing my character from the movie in this bad ass outdoor mural. When I get to play a primatologist who uses sign language (often inappropriat;) to communicate with my best friend, who happens to be a gigantic albino ape 🦍.. well if I don’t have FUN playing that character, then I just don’t have a heartbeat lol.
Enjoy the fun ride that’s RAMPAGE!
#DavisOkoye #Primatologist #BestFriendToGeorge

Surprised a 2nd theater 🎭
This connection with fans ‘round the 🌎, especially when I can see them in person is hands down, the best part of my job.
THANK YOU worldwide for the RAMPAGE luv.
#HometownLuv #CityOfAngels #1MovieInTheWorld #INeedACheatMealNow

As promised I surprised two sold out theaters in LA to show the fans my deep gratitude and love for making RAMPAGE the #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD (including the US). We had a blast!! Love y’all worldwide and enjoy the fun ride that’s RAMPAGE! 🤟🏾🦍🐊🐺

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