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therock  Gratitude. Mana.

I’m nice, but I don’t play nice.
I chalk my callouses up, get to work and fucking disrupt.
The most anticipated @underarmour #ProjectRock drop of 2018 is AVAILABLE NOW.
Enjoy the gear.
#AllDayHustleCollection ** LINK IN MY BIO.

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My record setting signature series @underarmour #ProjectRock1s in new black and white color ways drops TODAY!
My goal is to make the best hard core training shoe on the market for you to chase greatness in.
Stay strong. Train hard.
Enjoy the shoe and chase that greatness 👊🏾#AllDayHustleCollection

You can really get a sense of the crowd’s emotions and goose bump worthy atmosphere we’re creating on my new show, THE TITAN GAMES.
Taking place in our massive TITAN ARENA - the biggest outdoor structure ever built for an athletic competition series on TV.
This arena truly is awe inspiring.
THANK YOU to our raucous nightly crowds who give all their energy and make this arena come alive!
And THANK YOU to our relentless athletes who are leaving it all in the arena - Every. Single. Night.
I created the @nbctitangames for you.
It’s your platform.
It’s your spotlight.
It’s your time to shine.
#TitanGames #TitanArena

Success will always be driven by focus & effort — and we always control both.
The most anticipated @underarmour #ProjectRock collection of 2018 is AVAILABLE NOW.
Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy the gear.. #AllDayHustleCollection

My NEW @underarmour #AllDayHustleCollection DROPS NOW.
The most anticipated collection of 2018 is AVAILABLE NOW.
BUILD your foundation.
BUILD your habits.
BREAK barriers.
BREAK stereotypes.
When you break yourself down, to build yourself back up — nothing can fully break you.
Stay strong. Train hard.
Enjoy the gear.

Our #1 Apple Podcast series returns!
@sevenbucksprod & documentarian @andrewjenks wanted to deliver a compelling and disruptive podcast to you and we’re back!
Season 2 of our #1 critically acclaimed #WhatReallyHappened, premieres TODAY.
Jenks unravels untold truths about some of history’s most infamous stories and headlines.
And again, THANK YOU for making us #1.
Enjoy our new season.

So I had this little vision of creating the greatest & biggest athletic competition show ever seen on TV called THE TITAN GAMES.
My @NBC & @asmithcoprod partners BUILT FROM SCRATCH a colossal outdoor structure we call TITAN ARENA.
And like in Roman Games, the crowd GOES WILD.
Welcome to TITAN ARENA.

THIS THURSDAY My new @underarmour #ProjectRock ALL DAY HUSTLE COLLECTION is inspired by my personal philosophy that our daily, consistent training in the gym becomes our anchor that drives success in all other aspects of life.
Daily discipline.
Sweat equity.
And the willingness to outwork all competition and walk thru that MF’n jungle 😈

Most anticipated drop of 2018.
I’ve battle tested, worn and torn every piece of gear that you’ll sweat in.
THIS THURSDAY it comes to you.
@underarmour #ProjectRock 9/20

Just wrapped a very loooong 19hr day and coming up for air to exhale.
Plastic cup with ice & tequila in hand, listening to one of my fav artists @am0slee layin’ down that gospel in one of my fav songs.
Like a lot of ya out there, I know what it’s like to have the weight of the world 🌎 on your shoulders, getting pulled in a 1000 different directions with an endless amount of people (and businesses) relying on you to deliver for them so they can feed their own families.
I got you. I live it.
The irony is, you may be that provider to the 🌎 with a propensity to carry it all on your back — but you hope you’ll always have a safe and protected place to fall back into and just be at ease.
Arms of a woman.

This one’s special.. STUNTMAN.
World premiere at #LAFilmFestival SEPT 23rd.
I hold this project close to my bones because of the love and respect I have for our loyal and committed Hollywood stunt community.
The men and women who sacrifice it all without complaint or hesitance and always with great pride.
My friend, Eddie Braun @crsh4csh is a veteran Hollywood stuntman who poured everything he had (literally) into making this fascinating film where he attempts to be first man to ever successfully clear Snake River Canyon, in honor of his hero, the one and only, Evel Knievel.
Thank you #LAFilmFestival and director @kurtmattila.
As thank you brother, Eddie for the trust to produce your film and most importantly, THANK YOU for an extraordinary Hollywood stuntman career.
Here we go!
#LAFilmFest SEPT 23rd.

1am and the cheat meal sushi train 🍣 🚂 rolls along like an unstoppable force.
Despite the fact that I wound up passed out on the couch like a wounded buffalo after destroying sushi — this documentary WONT YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? about the iconic “Mr. Rogers” is excellent. Highly recommend.
He was a very special and one of a kind man.

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