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Biggs  'Twitter1996Biggs' 'FacebookKareemBiggs' #fourthofnovember


Gotta love Paris!! @aminamuaddi coat is so dope and German Juju @julialang killing it too. Tonight I’ll be celebrating my birthday which is tomorrow. Thanks for all the early love but my bday isn’t today. Gonna be crazy!! Pull up on me. 📷 @modehunter

Congrats bro - To you and Kim on your 3rd child. All Love. Now it’s time to let the past be the past. Let’s all move forward united

Dame Dash and Biggs in Paris having this guy drink Vodka at 9am. Now I’m back with the same guy at @bet@bet_tv_fr with no Vodka. LOL - The power of strong relationships that last. We don’t go to different countries to relax, but instead to keep working. Always pushing THEN and NOW. If your in Paris give me a holla 📍🇫🇷

Loved Milan. It's one of my favorite places for restaurants, shopping and for fashion week. Most of all, I loved meeting new friends who are doing amazing things with their brands. Shout out to @ihnomuhnit by @chazajordan #WorldTour Next stop Paris 🇫🇷 📷@modehunter

We should all laugh more often. It’s contagious. @djclarkkent thought I didn’t have that 3XL for him..The jackets are coming soon. . All numbered. 1-196 #limited #reasonabledoubt #redo96 #rocafella

No matter where I am, I am always drawn to creativity. Always looking for inspiration. Milan, Italy is a great place to start. 📷 @modehunter

Just two guys with a dream and ambition. Trying to open doors for others to follow. @vegas_jones
#redo96 #rocafella #rocmobile #reasonabledoubt #planes #rocnation

Walking and thinking about what a good year this will be. Yesterday was the first of many meetings that will change the game. #gamechanger #redo96 #reasonabledoubt

Humble Beginnings - We had to start from somewhere right? think @blackdumpling was exaggerating. We didn’t have roaches by the water cooler. Well maybe once 😂 and the Roc rodents😂. #vh1 #redo96 #reasonabledoubt
#kareembiggsburke #rocboys

What #KanyeWest did for that girl is not shocking to me at all. This is his heart. He would always show empathy and fly around to either perform at a local school or show love to someone who wasn’t in a good place. I’m honored that I was able to personally launch his career and believe in what could be one of the greatest creative talents we have ever seen. #Rocboys #Goodmusic #Rocafella #yeezy #inspire #BeGoodToOthers

New friends, old friends and family. All are making history and some aspire to be up next. Let’s all help each other to get to that next level whatever it may be. #support #inspire #cutlure #redo96 #reasonabledoubt 📷@calligrafist

Friendship is very important to me - Relationships that took years to build. I had a great time celebrating @angiemartinez's & @angelayee's birthdays ♑️ So many great people born in Jan. I’m up next!!! #capricorn #capricornseason #angiemartinez #planes #paperplanes #celebration #redo96 #reasonabledoubt

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