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therobotarmy  I can't be bothered. NYC to London and everywhere else...

This cat hasn't left my side since...I don't even know. She came with the apartment and she's been nothing but good luck ever since. #godsavethequeen #mabelmondays

Meanwhile in #Astoria, The Ghostbusters are having a rematch with Gozer the Gozarian on 34th St.

1000 miles in 7 days. New York City to Montreal, Quebec and back again. No highways, throughways, or Parkways. Only back roads up to #Canada. #Thebrunerbikerally2018 @indianmotorcycle

Day 4. 310 miles in. Astoria-Germantown-Saratoga Springs-Lake Placid. Montreal mañana.

#Canada we’re coming for you. 1000 miles in 7 days. #easy @indianmotorcycle @canada

It was an honor to be a returning speaker to this and tell my story of why/how I started drawing #Robots. #roughdraftfestival2018 #awarenessisempathy

If you're in NYC, I'm a returning speaker at The How We Create & How We Cope: Art & Mental Illness at the #RoughDraftFestival this Sunday. This is something close to my heart and I'm ok with everything well enough to tell my story in hopes that it helps just one person. Admission is free, and if you know me, I can tell one hell of a story. Hope to see you there. -B. #awarenessisempathy

Yesterday was one for the books. I made my directorial debut on the @broguesnyc music video. Weeks of planning all came down to a few hours of working with some amazing folks. If you're only as good as your crew, well then I got spoiled and worked with the best right out of the gate. Big thanks to Dave and @daddyfroglegs for the guidance and assistance and @takeanotherswig for trusting me to pull this off. #makegreatart

Happy April Fools Day! #marks #rube

Hello, my name is Hank and I'll be taking your headshots today. May I suggest we start with the nude shots? Ok, well, it was just a suggestion. Wait. Where are you going? #gh4 #lumix #humanesociety

Epic ride to #Philly with my #1 and the crew in 39 degree temps. The #Astoria #Hellcats ride again! #rideordie @indianmotorcycle @revzilla #hail #rain #snow

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