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therobotarmy  I walk amongst the tribes freely.

Everyday since I moved up here, I drive these #wrc back woods roads. Today, I stopped to take a picture of one of the three lakes I drive by every morning on my commute. Early morning wake up's ain't so bad when you beat the sun to a place like this. A place that's 6 1/2 minutes from your house that George Washington kicked it in. #morninglight #steamonthelake

I just put some performance parts on my lawn tractor. I upgraded it to awesome. #stokintheneighbors #cubcadet #xt2

Gnarly storm last night knocked out the power. So what do we do? Hit up the flea market.

When your house was a house that George Washington slept in you hang the proper flag. #fucktrump #soyouwantarevolution #betsyross

Somehow, I now feel like I’m drinking beer with a purpose. #stokintheneighbors @cubcadet_usa #upstatelife #getoffmylawn

Upstate lifing it so hard right now.

Ten years ago when I first moved to #NewYork and I was sleeping on a couch, practically homeless, I said to myself "When I own property here, I will have made it." Well, today is the day WE made it. Thank you @celinegiseletextiles I could have never done it without you. Big shout out to @homesweethomehunter for being such an awesome realtor and @josephleffe for telling me it wasn't such a crazy idea after all. Built in 1776. #georgewashingtonslepthere #seriously

Find someone as excited about riding motorcycles as you are and marry them. #rideordie @celinegiseletextiles

#BBQ responsibly today people. #fireprotectionexpert #fourthofjuly

Happy 242nd Birthday #America. You don’t look a day over 225. #clownking

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