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therobotarmy  NYC-LONDON-LAS VEGAS

A little old school #motocross action featuring my old man @chipbruner #braap #tbt

Repost from my sister @alysongilles: "Almost 40 years ago, my family moved in across the street from the Erling family. That day, we didn't just get new neighbors, we immediately gained a sister and two brothers, Kristin, Tim, and Scotty. Two years ago, our Kristin was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She fought like hell, but last month, it was time to rest. This weekend, we all traveled back to California and we celebrated our Kristin's beautiful, but too brief life. We cried, for sure, but the laughter...Man, the laughter...THAT was who my sister was. Because in sunshine, laughter, and gurgling fountains, in rainbows and cupcakes and hidden Mickey's, the holy presence that is my sister, my Kristin, will live forever."

All too often I hear people mention their siblings and then they roll their eyes and wonder how they share the same genes. I cannot relate to those people at all. I'm one of a lucky few that get a brother like this guy. So a big happy birthday is in order to @beardedjefe. Thanks for being a little brother that I can look up to. #brothersday

When @nathanwestphoto sends you a message asking if you'd like to come and hang and catch up while he tests some photo equipment, you say yes! Not only will your soul be filled by the company of good friends, he might just make you look like a super model about to sneeze. Thanks buddy! #madlove #wifey #goodfriendscomefromAstoria #Astoria #myfriendsaresotalented

Eight years ago I was in Doha, Quatar telling jokes to the troops. The headliner was a total tool bag but I made a good friend in the other opener. Here we are riding in the back of a Bradley armored vehicle like we were cast members in the movie Stripes. Damn we had a great time. #razzledazzle #comedycanbefun

Hank is all about that #dronelife

"We live to dance another day, It's just now we have to dance for one more of us, So stop looking so damn depressed, And sing with all our hearts, long live the Queen" -Frank Turner #serenadekids

Said goodbye to an old friend today. Her Majesty's Ship The HMS Mabel. (Pictured Right) You were a lovely bird that started something special. Countless hours and miles of good times logged. You'll be in good hands with @wally_brews. #Godspeed. The HMS Mabel II (pictured left) has big shoes to fill. #Phantom3standard #phantom4pro #dronelife

When I started riding motorcycles at the age of eleven, I never once thought of myself as the coolest or the fastest. Yet, here I am twenty-nine years later. Killing the game. Lol #motovietnam

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