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"We live to dance another day, It's just now we have to dance for one more of us, So stop looking so damn depressed, And sing with all our hearts, long live the Queen" -Frank Turner #serenadekids

Said goodbye to an old friend today. Her Majesty's Ship The HMS Mabel. (Pictured Right) You were a lovely bird that started something special. Countless hours and miles of good times logged. You'll be in good hands with @wally_brews. #Godspeed. The HMS Mabel II (pictured left) has big shoes to fill. #Phantom3standard #phantom4pro #dronelife

When I started riding motorcycles at the age of eleven, I never once thought of myself as the coolest or the fastest. Yet, here I am twenty-nine years later. Killing the game. Lol #motovietnam

At the start of our trek down the Ho Chi Minh trail on a Honda XR150. We only did 150 kilometers but damn was is action packed. "It's like the start of a @racemran race" at every turn. #motovietnam #brap #nam #bucketlist @celinegiseletextiles @beardedjefe

Story time, pull up a chair.

For the last three nights we've been on the island of Con Dao. It's beautiful. Yet, directly across the street from where we are staying there's a karaoke spot bumping super loud traditional Asian music with really bad singers. It's kept us up at night. However, instead of just resigning to the fact that, "We're just old" Céline and I decided to check it out.

Trepidatiously, we walked up to the joint after a few beers at the hotel bar and are immediately welcomed by the guy that's been hanging out under the tree across from our hotel that rented us our motorbike. He hands us a beer and welcomes us. The place is shocked that some Westerners finally made the fifty meter trek across the street to see how the locals let loose.
I'm put on stage immediately.
Since they speak no English, I had to punch in my song on the computer. I put on The Ramones Hey Ho Let's Go. A karaoke classic in America. Also, a song that's in my very limited range that I know well. I'm a robot artist not a singer, but I got angst and attitude.
Everyone is suspect of me. Especially the alpha karaoke male that rocks a flat billed hat just like I do. I had better pull this off. If I don't, the hotel is fifty meters away and I'm only good to sprint for twenty five meters. Céline, not so much.
Here, if you're good, people from the audience will bring you one of the fake roses from the table. I crushed it. I walked away with five fake roses and the alpha karaoke male gave me a thumbs up.

There were six people in the audience and we got drunk with all of them. They got offended when I bought them a round of beers. The only English they knew was "Vietnam ok?" whilst giving me a thumbs up with a cautionary look. We were accepted.
The point, I guess, I'm getting at is this, step across the street from your comfort zone. Get out, do your thing no matter where you are. If your heart is of good intentions everything will work out fine. You. Do. You. Don't be a scared asshole. The Major of people are good. Have confidence in yourself. And also, sing punk rock in a communist country every chance you get. You'd be surprised at how long people were waiting for it.

Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song on repeat in my head. #festivaloflights #dragon #chicken

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