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It was nice to be back at universal studios. What was I doing there? Watch the video.

#werewolfwednesday This is a test make up that I did on myself ten years ago for the Wolfman.#makeup #werewolf #Rickbaker

I decided to print 3-D things while I'm working on my Halloween make up's. So here is Dick Smith's masterpiece of horror Dorian Gray head. I modeled this in Z brush a few years back. Printed on my raise 3-D printer coated with primer and sanded a little.i'm excited to paint this but I really need to work on my Halloween stuff. #Rick Baker #DickSmith #DorianGray #3-DPrint #Raise3-DPrinter

Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter Rebecca. Born on this day 24 years ago. What a gift she is. This is a digital painting I did of her a while back.

I decided to paint this guy metallic like.I thought he would make a great end for a staff or a piece of jewelry . OK now I am really going to start on Halloween. #3Dprint #raise3dn2 #rickbaker #Beastguy #Imnotgoodatnames

A photo I took right after I shot the video that I previously posted of my 3D printed Dracula. this was the same head that I left in the sun and got distorted. I fixed it.
I have to stop playing with this printer and get busy on my Halloween make ups.
#3Dprint #dracula #BelaLugosi #rRickBaker

I painted Dracula's head glued together a couple plastic bottles and popsicle sticks through some cloth over that and shot this quick little video to see how he looked. #Dracula #3-DPrintedDracula #RickBaker#Quick test

On tonights Face Off they got some old white haired guy to be a judge.Find out want I am staring at tonight on SyFy
#faceoff #oldguyjudge #syfy

I wanted to test out my new Raise 3-D printer with a model that is more detailed and difficult. I chose this zbrush model that I made a few years back because it had a lot of detail and things that I thought would be difficult to print. I think it turned out well I didn't do much cleanup just pulled off the supports and sprayed some primer on it. The dollar bill is for scale. #3-DPrinting #RickBaker #ZBrush #Raise3-DPrinter #IBetterGetStartedOnMyHalloweenCostumes

I was watching the strain and thought that they made good use of practical make up effects as well as digital effects . When those vampire things kill people with their long tongues I thought to myself you couldn't do that practically and then I thought well maybe you could at least start it practically so the old make up effects artist in me decided to try a little test.#thestrain #practicalfx#makeupfx#oldguyhavingfun

Have you ever done something stupid and while you're doing it know that it's stupid but you do it anyways, well that's what I did with my 3-D printed Bela head . I painted it with dark gray primer and then put it in the sun to dry as I made a mold of something else. I was thinking that the heat from the sun might distort the print , Then I thought that it takes more heat to melt the plastic then the sun would produce. Well the sun heated up the surface and the air inside the chambers inside to head and distorted the forehead. I painted white primer on it so I could see the damage. I can fix it but I wish I would've just listen to my own thoughts and not done this .The 3-D printer I used was a raise 3-D N2 took about 24 hours to print and you can see the size compared to my hand.

I had to get up at 4 AM to shut off the camera, it I think it was worth it. #3dprint #timelapse#rickbaker

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