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Rick Baker  Monster Maker

Worked on this side some today. I have got to tone down those veins and continue with the texture. He is coming along. I glad I decided not to exactly match the original that I did 40 some years ago.
#sculpture #rickbaker #starwars

Worked on him a bit more still very much a work in progress .

Worked on this guy some more but spent more time trying to get the camera in the right place so I could continue the time lapse than pushing clay around. I did what I tell people not to do ,and that is start the detail before the forms are all there, but I have never used this clay before (monu-melt) and wanted to see how it was going to work. I’m also trying to decide if I want to put in more detail that the original which I made when I was around 20 years old.

Started a sculpt of this guy this afternoon because the original mold has mysteriously disappeared. Sculpted on a younger life cast of me but not as young as the original was sculpted on. Didn’t want to go much further because tomorrow I will pick up the original mask from my friend Bob Burns to use as reference.

Me posing with my Greystoke apes. I was in England for over a year on that film.I worked with a lot of talented English artists who became good friends on that film.
#rickbaker #apesuits #Greystoke #poser

Making up the emperor from The Empire Strikes Back . I only applied the make up. My friend Phil Tippett designed and made the appliance. #starwars #makeup #emperor #rickbaker

This is why I usually wear a beard.I shaved it off for my make up test as the Grinch and for other make ups that I wore for that film.Here I am sculpting on of the many grinch makeups that we made for that film.I will usually sculpt the hair when blocking out a sculpt but I had the hairpieces from my test make up I used them.#makeup #rickbaker #howthegrinchstolechristmas #sculpture #beardlessRick

OK he is not a werewolf but was in a werewolf movie so that counts for werewolf Wednesday . Here I am making up Griffin Dunne as Jack stage two for American Werewolf #werewolfwednesday #rickbaker #griffindunne #makeup

Hanging out in Africa on "Gorillas in the Mist"

#meltingmanmonday Here I am working on The Incredible Melting Man, back in 1976. I'm the one on the left. #iwasyoungonce

I tried a test with my half scale wax skull casting a bone color then pouring that out and filling with black wax.Hoping the black would show up in the deep parts. The casting was full of lap marks and bubbles but since it is wax I cleaned them up and sharpened the detail. It is not quite done but I wanted to photograph it and see how it looks. Kind of fun working in wax.
#SkullCandle #Iforgotthewick #Rickbaker @worldofskulls

I had a blast showing my daughter Rebecca how to sculpt make molds and make candles. Mind you I have never made a candle before but I didn’t let that stop me. I’m really proud of what she did .Her first sculpture I hope there are more in her future.
#SkullCandle #FirstSculpture #ILoveMyDaughters

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