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Rick Baker  Monster Maker


While photographing the sculpture for my daughter Veronica’s halloween makeup I decided to take some long exposure shots and move the camera to get images like this. #rickbaker #photography #sculpture

To celebrate our 30th anniversary Silvia and I took a trip to Utah and Arizona. Here we are in a slot canyon in Antelope Canyon. What an amazing place. Our guide Roman took this beautiful photo . He is a Navajo and I must say I was really impressed with the Navajo nation and their way of life.

Quinlan's sword for my daughter 's halloween costume. Modeled in zbrush and 3D printed on my Raise3D printer. I just printed the handle,the sword part was a Halloween prop. Sorry the whole image isn't showing up. I can't figure out how to change it in Instagram #rickbaker #zbrush #3dprint #cosplay #Quinlan #theStrain #halloween

The cane that I made for my Halloween character. I modeled it in zbrush and printed it on my Raise3D printer . #rickbaker #3dPrint #zbrush #Raise3d #thestrain

My friend @monsterkidbela gave me a copy of her cool twilight zone mask that she made as a Halloween gift. Thanks Bela

I tried to find a photo of me in my Abraham Setrakian make up that lined up with this portrait that I took of my self, to wipe between the two so you could see what I did in this make up. This almost lines up. Different lighting different body angle but you get the idea. This Setrakian photo by Steve Koch and Bart Mixon applied my make up this time. #thestrain #abrahamsetrakian #halloweenmakeup #rickBaker #cosplay #charactormakeup

My daughter Rebecca in her creepy kid Strigoi make up from our halloween show this year. On this one I didn’t deviate as much from the design that they did on the TV show as I did on Veronica’s make up.The link to the video of our halloween show is in my profile.photo by Steve Koch
#halloweenmakeup #cosplay #rickbaker #thestrain #strigoi

My daughter Veronica in her make up from our Halloween show based on #theStrain. My version of a female Quinlan. Photo by my friend Steve Koch .#halloweenmakeup #quinlan #rickbaker #gothgirl #piercings #piercedgothgirl #shereallydoenntlooklikethis @darkartistries

Before and after. Me as #AbrahamSetrakian from our Halloween this year #TheStrain #makeupeffects #charactormakeup #RickBaker

30 years ago today, this beautiful woman married this dorkie guy.
I have to say that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have to say that because she is watching me type this and has a rolling pin in her hand. Seriously she has hardly aged and can still fit in her wedding dress. I on the other hand have white hair, what’s left of it, ridiculously large eye bags, and still can’t fit in her wedding dress. I wish everyone in the world had what my wife and I have, then maybe we could all live in peace. I love my wife, that is what it says on the bumper sticker that she made me put on my car. She gave me the best gifts ever, my two beautiful daughters. She is my best friend, my adviser, which means she kicks me under the table when I say something inappropriate. My legs are permanently bruised BTW . And I love her more that anything, even if she doesn’t have a rolling pin. Happy anniversary sweetheart .

A video clip of our 2017 Halloween show. I’m uploading the whole show to my you tube account as I type this.I’ll put her link in my bio once it is finished. This you give you an indication of what the show was. I’m sorry now ,that we didn’t do a proper video shot day. My friends Steve Koch and Bill Schiffmann did their best to grab what shots they could during our one rehearsal before we let in the crowds and some shots during the performances. The light level was low which didn’t make for good video But was more scary on the night.I tried to edit with the shots we had and some shots that I took on my phone during make up tests.I wish we had more light and more coverage but you will at least get an idea of what our Halloween was like.The you tube video has a lot more, if it ever finished uploading . A big thanks to all involved .
#theStrain #bakerhalloween2017 #Make-up #crazyOldManWhosSpendsTooMuchTimeAndMoneyOnHalloween #guillermodeltoro

This is what happens when you dog's hind legs are paralyzed and he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of a make up test

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