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Rick Baker  Monster Maker

So sad.

Another out of the kit paint makeup I did on myself for Halloween a few years ago. This make up was the inspiration for Stephen Murphy's @smurphfx monsterpalooza Rick Baker tribute makeup . He did a remarkable job duplicating it.
#makeup #rickbaker #paintmakeup #monsterpalooza

Another out of the kit make up that I did a few years ago before going to the Magic Castle around Halloween. #drjekyll #MrHyde #makeup #rickbaker

I can’t get my nose thin enough. I’ve got blisters on my fingers.
#johnlennon #rickbaker #makeup

29 years ago today my life changed for the better when my wife Silvia gave birth to this beautiful little girl my daughter Veronica. She taught me the meaning of joy. We were filming Gremlins 2 at Warner Brothers. The scene where Zack has Gismo in the red tool box in the mens room ,when I got the call that my wife was in labor. Before I knew it I was a dad and so madly in love with this little girl. Weeks later we were filming the scene with Gismo becoming Rambo where the camera pans over to show the time on a desk clock, I asked Joe Dante If I could put this exact framed photo on the desk next to the clock. He indulged me. So next time you watch Gremlins 2 look for Veronicas film debut . Happy Birthday Veronica, thanks for being in my life.

Besides voting today I did a quick mortician”s wax nose on myself, popped on a wig and some glasses, took a photo with my phone. I took it into photoshop where I darkened my beard, drew on a few eyebrows and tweeted the wax nose shape a bit to see if it is worth doing a #johnlennon Make up on myself. I think it is worth doing right. #imagine

That time that I made myself up like the #Childcatcher for my friends Dave and Lou Elsey’s #chittychittybangbang party. Dave says that I should do a photo montage of all of the makeups that I have done on myself. I should do that some day.

#luciofulcizombie #makeup An out of the kit make up that I did today as a test for a demo that I am doing next week for my wife’s class at UCLA
Glad I did this test because it is too messy to do at school. I’ll have to re-think this. Materials :corn syrup ,cotton, cornflakes, bread crumbs , cake make up,

I posted this the other day as a story but I really meant to have it on my page so here it is . #doriangray #dicksmith #rickbaker #3Dprint

I hope to see some of you here. It should be informative and a lot of fun. @imgoingtoclass @ericacarr #imgoingtoclass #manymakeupartists

Cool color shot of #DickSmiths #doriangray head under construction
or is it? #rickbaker #3dprint

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