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Richie Allen  Husband to @hevynallen | Dad #allenpartyofsix | God Chaser | Worship Pastor @yourhopecity in Houston, TX

Happy Father’s Day to one of the greatest men I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing - Thomas L Craft (aka Pops). I knew of him from afar when growing up and was well aware of his reputation as a great, principled Man of God and spiritual father to countless ministers through his work at FPC Jackson and Jackson College of Ministries. I looked up to him even though he didn’t know who I was.

It has been a privilege, an honor, and a blessing to now know him as my step-father. He is in private what you see in public. The good name he has is well deserved. His love for God, love for people, and Love for family is so deep. He is a mentor to me. His wisdom, grace under pressure, and patience is something I aspire to.
Those that have been impacted by his ministry are literally all around the world.

He has lived with honor and, as the Word of God commands, deserves great honor. Those that would speak against him, dismiss his impact on the Kingdom, or mistreat him as he ages are without honor.
I honor you, Pops. You are a great man and I love you!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

He’s so good at dinosaurs. #rafehonormacyn cracks me up!

These little humans make being a father the greatest adventure in life. I’m amazed and so thankful I get to be their dad. #ezrinoele #edynrinna #rafehonormacyn #larkgalys #fathersday #dadlife

My daddy. I miss you so much. The older I get, the more I wish I could talk to you again. You are still my hero. Thanks for raising Andy and me in the Church and teaching us to love God and love our family.

I will always remember the conversation you had with us a few years before you died. It changed my life then, but it has changed everything since we had our own kids.

You sat Mom, Andy, and me down and said, “My priorities have been messed up. It’s been God first, church second, and family third. From now on, it will be right - God first, family second, church third, then everything else.” That taught me that family is everything. It also taught me that I will make mistakes and do some things wrong, but I should be man enough to admit I’m wrong and be willing to change.

Thank you for being the definition of a Godly man. I will always aspire to be like you. If I’m half the man you were at the end of my life, I will have been successful.
I love you, Dad!

#fathersday #happyfathersday

My gifts to myself this good Father’s Day morning.

1) grande blonde flat white with heavy cream from @starbucks
2) full flat white floorboard bath

3) interior automobile shampoo

Going to be a good day!

Me: Son, follow men you can look up to. People like @tobenwigwe who help you discover your purpose and stretch you to grow into a man that knows how to work for what you get.

After (#swipeleft)-
Rafe: Sowwy, dad. I twipped.
Me: never mind. Let me just put this back and hope no one notices.


Excited about this book! @michaelhyatt always has the most practical and actionable material. Between him and @craiggroeschel, you can’t go wrong in leadership. (Well, you can, but you’d have to ignore a lot of their advice to do it.)
#leadership #personaldevelopment

This food pettiness (as @jonacuff calls it) is making my day! 😂😂😂

The backstory: Burger King changed its profile name as a joke and Wendy’s also slammed the restaurant chain formerly known as IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for changing their name to IHOB (International House of Burgers)

Repost @jimdaneker and @jonacuff

Unrealized growth is caused by a lack of focus. Figure out what areas you want to grow in, find the top two or three that are most important, then get coaching or read/listen to books that give practical advice on growing in those areas. Add time for those lessons in your calendar.
You must make time for what is important.
If it matters, make it a matter to address.

This is why I love @thatjoshvaldez . He gives it everything. And gets back up. :) #hopecitypitdontquit

Worth thinking about. Being the vehicle for the world’s hope is a serious responsibility. If we don’t feel the weight of that in everything we do, we need to pray that God opens our eyes to the truth. “We are God’s Plan A. There is no Plan B.” - @cmitchelrose

There is much more to be said about what God thinks about it, but if you claim to be spiritually mature, you can probably quote those scriptures while assuming you’re not the one the scriptures are talking about... The self-deception is real. Just saying... #staywoke :)

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