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practice safe sun!! 🌞(review on this below)
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-absorbs really quick
-it's clear and doesn't leave a white cast on the skin
-sits well under makeup

-it's a chemical sunscreen (i know some people don't like chemical sunscreens)
-IT'S ESSPENSIVEEE like $34 for only 1oz????? ohmygad lol
-it has a fragrance (could be pro or con depending if ur sensitive to fragrance)

overall, if ur a glossier fan and don't wear sunscreen everyday to protect ur skin (as you should!!!!) and you think this product will help you wear sunscreen more often, then go ahead and try it! also if you have difficulty finding sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast on ur skin, i say give this a go too... but if you already have a sunscreen you like and is more cost efficient, you can skip out on it. i personally wouldn't spend this much on a sunscreen for this little product lol if any of you have a güd sunscreen recommendations pls lmk!

🤗happie & radiant is all i wanna be🤗

hey it me✌🏻

#tbt to this girl's night in and impromptu angsty shoot with my faves @jonnamae and @golddrei

i bought my mom flowers for mother's day and she was like "aw thanks but Y U SPEND MONEY 😤" 😅😅😅 i love you mom 💕(even tho you roast me on the regular with ur savage af self)

i dare u.. odds!!! fuckn bet!!! 😤u aren't down!!😛

i don't 🙅🏻got TIME ⏰ for bad 👎🏻company 👯and bad vibes 😤😤😤 so thanks to these kids for always making it a güd time😘

yas i love student debt!!!!1! #UCBye!!! #soon #zootzoot

no pictures please! 🙅🏻

remember when taylor swift basically wrote an entire album about jake gyllenhaal and named it red?

#tbt to one of my favorite trips 💕✨

🔶✴️traffic cone lookin ass✴️🔶
(also bless the multi photo feature bc i don't have to choose between my pics 🙏🏻)

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