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Medal Monday. 🏝

The hardest medal I ever worked for.

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50KM finisher. 😭

It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done, and it had nothing to do with the 31—closer to 32—miles we ran.
I was TOTALLY unprepared for the heat of this race. We started at 1pm, so right in thick of 86° weather and a sun that was blaring. I instantly threw out all my hopes of running a marathon like I did a few weeks ago in Milan, and just running or walking the remaining five. My twin sister was handling the weather like a beast, but we both decided to just play it safe and take it slow. The end result is no pain today, but a little disappointment in the performance. But at least we set a PR, and even better a PR that can easily be broken in better weather conditions. I’m already looking at @evergladesultras next March!
I plan to write up something about being uncrewed on this race because we definitely faced some challenges, especially in terms of aid stations. But if you want a challenging race, this is definitely one to consider!
Oh, and just like in Milan, Hadley got to watch us cross the finish line and get our medals via FaceTime!
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Not the race day I had hoped for. Hadley’s care was a no show and I stupidly didn’t bring the jogging stroller with me as a backup—and I knew better—so I couldn’t run my race. But, this sweet girl ran her sixth race!
By far, this was her farthest race at about .7 miles, and I “clocked” her going at about a 20/mile pace. All this, AND it was her first race in the rain!
Never take for granted having race-day support—thankfully my parents are going to spoil her next weekend while Kenna and I run our first ultra!
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That smirk... 😍

I feel like that’s the smile she gives when she wants to study her sea lions but she knows mama is trying to take her picture.
We had the best day yesterday at @riverbankszoo ! It was our first time visiting the Botanical Gardens and I think Waterfall Junction makes this easily our new go-to weekend spot.
@greenvillezoo members get 50% off admission here (children and adult). #twoinfinityandbeyondhadleyrose #riverbankszoo #yeahthatgreenville #takeusbacktocali #futurezoologist

The hot mess that is Easter egg hunts. 🐰🏰 #itwasthismorningatbiltmore #easteregghunt #lillypulitzer #resort365 #hiddenmickey

Although seriously, my sister’s new farm had me all 😍. We just got back home and less than two minutes after arriving, Hadley grabbed her carrots from her kitchen playset and asked to go feed we might need a bigger backyard... #futurehorseownerapparently #kentuckygirl

The first thing she did yesterday was introduce me to her new friends.
#twoinfinityandbeyondhadleyrose #kentuckygirl #navymomlife

Snapped this quickly on way back to the hotel yesterday. The Generali building, which is the building featured on the medal, is that tower in the background.
One of my favorite medals because of the adventure and accomplishment it represents.
Oh, today’s funny moment was a TSA agent in Paris asking me if I was a professional runner, after seeing the medal in my bag and pulling it out to admire it.
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First international marathon is in the books!
An insane 48 hours, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I caught a hop yesterday afternoon, signed up for the race at the expo with an hour to spare, ran this morning, had coffee with new friends, and then caught a hop back. The @milanomarathon was a great race and I really loved this city. It definitely made me want to come back and see more of it (I only got the 26.2 mile running tour). At the 41km mark, I FaceTimed Hadley and she watched me finish the race and get my medal—she even clapped! I could not run a full marathon without her there in some way.
This was my big training run for the ultra coming up in six weeks and it felt great! I actually crushed my previous marathon times—where was a PR bell when you needed one—and I felt very confident that I could have kept going another 8km.
Now it’s time to get back to Hadley Rose!
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I woke up this morning to a sunrise in Rome with a beautiful view of St. Peter’s Basilica and am now going to sleep after a gorgeous sunset in the Chianti region of Tuscany.

Today has been a whirlwind. After an impromptu stop in Rome last night, I spent about five hours this morning exploring the amazing city of Rome and Vatican City. I then hopped in my car and drove out to Siena to stay at a gorgeous new boutique resort attached to a winery in Tuscany.
Wanderlusting pretty hard this weekend.
Oh, and I couldn’t leave Rome without getting Italy Mickey for Hadley. I cannot wait to bring it to her!
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The last 48 hours have been absolute chaos, but we pulled off a small Navy miracle this morning.
When life hands you grapes, make wine...or olives into olive oil...or whatever the appropriate Italian substitute is for that.
Really craving a flat run in the near future, but if I’m running the city built on seven hills, I guess I should keep running them (8:02, 8:08, 8:43 ⛰, 8:21, 8:11). Happy with negative splits coming off my big hill!
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