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Añdréà Liao  Food and Disney adventures... that's about it. I like pirates and T-time and books and the ocean. Not necessarily in that order.

Legitimate concerns when you think one of your party members may have become dragon food. #deliciousindungeon #hereforthis

Omg have you guys heard of #deliciousindungeon? If not, let me hook you on the premise because I only just got this book today... And I was totally hooked on the premise... Which is if you're trapped in a DnD-style dungeon without enough food to sustain you and your merry band, WHAT'S STOPPING YOU FROM EATING THE THINGS YOU DEFEAT/FIND IN THE DUNGEON?

Sometimes you find some real gems in the book returns. #manlysideboob? #howarethereNINEDISCS???? #bookcoverfindoftheday

Hello, my fellow nerds. I am posing this question to you before I put more strain on our already kind of tight budget. Does anyone out there have any of these series/titles that they're looking to re-home to a public library? Must be in good condition with all pages intact and solid binding. PM me if you want to send them my way!
#theflash #batman #grayson #myheroacademia #bleach #thewalkingdead #sailormoon #7deadlysins

Omg, y'all. It came. All aboard the S.S. Sexy!Archie... #nottheArchieofyouryouth

*presses fingertips together* Meanwhile... While we're on the subject of Robins... Have I told you lately how much I want this thing...? Also, 500% cool with a Lewis Tan Jason but we saw this .gif of Bob Morley saying "You left me" which kind of like killed all our souls and sounded really Jason-y Idk. For your consideration.

Mood: Me screaming "STOP IT! YOU'RE BROTHERS" while simultaneously banging my fists on a table yelling "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

I took two Disney trips and watched one Captain America movie without my hood because I couldn't find it. TT___TT Shout out to my mom for discovering it tucked away in the guest room closet for whatever reason. #autumniscoming #infinitywartoo

Okay so... I have to give supermassive shout-outs to @artbymaryc and @johannathemad for their amazeballs support to our teen summer reading program. Mary for offering to do not one BUT THREE commission prizes that I am still not over (and will probably never be over ❤), and Johanna for including all this AWESOME bonus stuff with the print packs we ordered! THANK YOU GUYS! 😘

I'm not saying that the one-two punch of reading the first volume of Renew Your Vows almost immediately after watching Spider-Man: Homecoming like reignited all my feelings re: my OTCBH (One True Comic Book Husband)... But also like that book excerpt remains -I'm really pretty sure- proof that someone eavesdrops on my conversations with @alexwongmusic. Also another tip I picked up... Repurposing junky comic books into buttons. :]

There's these cute little board book classic literature primers for toddlers that teach them words. I found this in the Moby Dick one, and I've gotta say it has a way different meaning for me as a fandom-entrenched adult. #bookpagefindoftheday #Ishipit

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