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Avery Corcoran Pressley  📷 | Redhead | Aspiring world traveler, lover of pocky sticks & estate sales •Fulltime Petsitter 🐶 •Thrift Store Fashion Guru 💵

• { h a r r y } •

This cute little bunny. 😍 I love getting to watch other people's rabbits! 🐰Harry is a Lop and loves his treat sticks! 🍢

k e e p i n g | i t | c a s u a l

sprinkles + coffee 🍩

\\ gray is my new favorite color // ✌🏻

🍊 \\ orange vibes // 🍊

I found this cool, rotary dial phone at the estate sale this weekend. ✌🏻 I loved it because it was orange and matched our mid mod couch! 😍

\\ aunt & niece time // 😜

I had fun hanging out with Selena yesterday! She can't really say my name, so she calls me "Ahhwayy", which sounds a lot like "away". 😂

• \\ 1969 // •

Richard Nixon was president, we landed on the moon 🌕 and Woodstock happened all the same year this house was built. This estate sale I went to this weekend had the original furniture and fixtures. 😱 It was like stepping back into time! For more pictures, check out my blog for a recent entry on this sale. I live for these kinds of estate sales. ✌🏻

\\ daydreaming about this front porch 😍 but I am so happy to be home for a few days //

\\ this wallpaper from an estate sale I went to the other day 😍 I love ridiculous, extravagant, strange decor. The 1960's were crazy about their flowers though! 🌼//

It's little moments like this that remind me how beautiful East Tennessee is. 😍

\\ probably the first (and only) time I've ever looked okay in fluorescent lighting 😂😜//

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