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Jan Hella 🇺🇸💈

There was only discretionary notions for the name, but not for photos. Super glad my sister had another little girl! Now to plan a sister-sister rivalry with things to buy this Shrub...

4th Grade grown.

Cleaned up for the short but long day work week. Wednesday is gonna be exhausting, so might as well make the maintenance level easy for the start of the week. That all black errryhang tho.


Mission mission.

Unlike Ricky Bobby, I've had my very first crepe...

Lazy Saturday.

Public Service Announcement.

FACTS: The only social media app to do real time social shit. Wild.

Can't lie... I'd fool with this, but I'm just doing a color correction... time to add some sweetness to the mix... hold the sugar, it's getting sweet enough as it is...

Cleaning out the room for the second time of the year really showed me that I need to streamline the wardrobe. I mean, I already do to an extent since I wear the same shirts to work every day of every week (y'all ever notice? Ain't got no one to impress!) But I think the hardest thing for me is getting away from flannel, denim, and single tone shirts. As much as I love the concept of Japanese minimalism, the collector/primal gatherer in me keeps me from doing it... TBD... may have another 30+ shirts to donate...

Cosmetologist be like:

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