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T.O.U  Singer/Author/D.R.E.A.M.E.R / BOOK AVAILABLE NOW!! Long Live TC 🌹 | Devaughn Murph 🤘🏽

With all the amazing feedback from my book I still have not been at ease!! God literally woke me up out of my sleep and said " Grow up" I was like wait, huh? He told me I would never be able to walk in my true healing and freedom if I not first ask for forgiveness ! I wrote a book about the things I went through and what others done to me but I had to realize the end result of my pain caused me to hurt some people .. whether justified or not I am still accountable ! So I wanted to publicly apologize to ANYBODY I've ever offended or disrespected indirectly or directly ... one thing I've learned is that God can heal us but we are still accountable for how we handle our pain and the decisions we make! Even if things don't ever go back to how they were .. I want to start clean! Some stuff happened/ lies were told/ rumors started/ people were hurt/ hearts were broken! But God can heal all!!some people had to deal with me and my broken pieces and ended up cut .. and that isn't the feel. Truth is I'm human and I love hard and I get jealous, insecure and emotional.. I had to learn how to control my emotions and deal with facts not my have to love people responsibly and understand that you too have flaws and those people don't have to deal with you! Wake up y'all! Learn to love people back and take these connections seriously !! If the pain goes public be woman/man enough to restore broken things publicly too! We rather tear eachother down and cut people off publicly instead of promoting restoration!! - SheNice

Thank You for your support Sierra !!! Broken pieces available on or

Morning Dreamers!!!! This year I believe those who are committed to being consistent with their dreams and conquering the battle of fear will enter into a season of consecutive wins! This shirt is a reminder that my energy is only going towards my dreams and those things that push me FORWARD! Shout out to the squad @moteefandco for rocking with me!!! @ellebarbie @clowepro

Met this guy and his wife and only baby girl in 2010 (at the time) they quickly became family ! Over the years they have witnessed me go through many different things ... some I'm not too proud of ! But my journey has come full circle ... and to have him and his babies be apart of my life now and see me triumph and cheer me on means the world!! Years later... more kids/ businesses/albums and brands !!!! Whole squad winning!! #LoweCrew #Family @clowepro @ellebarbie @iamchloebear_ @kenedionpointe

This beautiful soul here !!! @j.hartmusic !! I literally ran across her music and felt her heart! I immediately knew she was one of the artists I wanted to show case!!!! She just recently released her Ep "phases" grab it for me !! Keep shining beautiful .. shout out to my niece Chloe for the precious photobomb!! Her and ken were aunties helpers lol

Today was a dream come true!!!!! I wanted to use my platform to uplift other people on their journey to greatness!! Today a community literally came together to empower EACHOTHER! It was a such a great vibe man!! Everybody who attended showed up with open minds and great spirits !!! I'm so proud of everybody!!! Job well done!!

My sister @alwaysradianteveryday came through!!! Ladies please make sure you set up your appointments for everything GLAM!! #Bosses #Queens

My media correspondent @agirlwith_style!! B, you killed it!!!! Check out some behind the scenes footage from the event today!!!!

My first speaking engagement as a new author ..

Wow!! @jubileemag features the launch of UnderRated Podcast!!!! Wow wow wow!! New Episode May 12th ... featuring mommy @tweet_ shout out to my show producer @braveheartpro .... #RoadToMyOwnRadioShow #IBelieveGod

Surprise !! Sound cloud has the first episode for Under Rated Podcast (Pain In the pews) .. it will be on iTunes Friday!! (Link in Bio To hear it NOW)

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