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Mikey B  Brewer, sales, R&D, social media director, janitor, logistics, brewery chef, keg mover, comedic relief at Riverbend Brewing. Also abandoned places 📸

Just wondering if you’re open for business... #urbex #abandonedplaces #abandoned #urbanexploration

Just needs a fresh coat of paint. #urbex #abandoned #abandonedplaces #urbanexploration

I hate that I’m editing through this and not PS or Lightroom. But. For the most part this was raw. A random building that was some sort of warehouse , standing alone. Gorgeous. #urbex #abandoned #california

The sex dungeon in Bombay beach was strange. There is amazing graf pieces everywhere here’s but this was unique. Porn on the walls, the shaguar, a stack of cds in the passenger seat that honestly was tempting to take.

It’s always fun to find a fling on vacation, this time it was this dumb rental car. I haven’t smiled more at pure enjoyment of a non living object in a while 460 horses and be ten speed was insane. This thing was a blast, finally hit 140, used 4 tanks of gas in three days, and painted rubber in a lot of asphalt. Guess I will sell the fleet of vws and get a fast car.
Oh. Of course I’m bringing back my self timer selfies.
Borrowed a lens for the canon, have so many abandoned places I visited.

Sitting chilling at the quality innnnnn, We’re up in Portland it’s Riverbennnnddd

Holy hell, this has already came a long ways from the conversation of “Let’s brew a Milkshake IPA” that happened just a few months ago... I haven’t even read the article in WW yet. #riverbendbrewing

8-9 years ago? Looks like at Walking Man.
Back in the day when you had to travel and search for breweries. Crazy I have been in this industry that long now.

Chug-a-lug. Life’s a peach and then you die!

Like. Happy fictional guy birthday-day. #alwaysawkward

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