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Makini Smith  💜Woman with a passion for stilettos 💜Fierce faith in God 💜Authoress/Mentor/Speaker 💜Purposed to help you walk in greatness @awalkinmystilettos 📚

As parents we can guide and educate our children. We have less control than we think. Ultimately God is in control. I remind my girls they are crowned with glory but allow them to be individuals.
I give them tough love at times but allow them room to make mistakes so they can be refined. Not all lessons can be learned from another persons mistakes. There's a difference between ripe and rotten. I may have grown up too quickly but I turned out just fine.
I teach them confidence and about courage. I show them by example what happens when we have faith. They have the ability to determine what they do with that knowledge.
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If you go through life only seeing what's right in front of you, you'll miss out on a whole lot. To be honest I wasn't looking at all when we found each other. He had been there all along I just wasn't focused on anything but God, my kids and building a legacy.
I had been burned and betrayed one too many times by men that didn't see my value or their own for that matter. I had not given up on the idea of love but didn't think it was right there in my peripheral vision. I was focused on becoming a better me and God sent a help mate that was doing the same. My life is a walking testimony.
I consistently get messages from women that have given up on love, on themselves, and at times God. Life isn't easy and we are not meant to go through it alone. We have to be open to receiving love. We have to focus on the things we want and not the things we don't want. Not everyone is out to hurt you. How can you get the life you desire if you're not willing to connect with others?
Everybody wants a testimony, not everyone wants that test tho...

You need to believe in what you want to the point that it has no choice but to materialize. It happens in the spiritual before it happens in the natural. Your thoughts begin the process. Your words give it life. Your actions increase the momentum. What are you manifesting?

Today my life may appear all put together but it's the broken pieces I've managed to salvage that the light shines through. There was a time where I didn't like the girl I saw in the mirror. There was a time I cried multiple times a day. There was a time where I was so far down that rock bottom doesn't sound low enough.
I put my trust in God. I put on my big girl panties. I put the enemy on notice that I was done with the pitty parties and I put my life in order.
No matter how hard things may seem at times just know you are never alone. Things will get easier. Things will get brighter. If you're tired of being stuck, tired of going in circles or just sick and tired of being sick and tired I'm here to help you walk in your greatness.
Email me NOW and find out how ☀️
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In a sea of negativity you can't sink if you don't allow negativity inside your vessel,keep on sailing on the positive path. LIVE LIFE LAUGH LOVE

People from your past love to point out your old ways because they are trying to pull you down. If you've evolved to a higher level...keep soaring! Keep reaching for more. The gap will become clear. They may have the same past as you but they don't have the same destiny. #keepitmoving #newlevel #higherconsciousness

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Are you ready to turn your setbacks into comebacks? “Makini Smith is a dynamic woman with a warmth that creates an inviting atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining professionalism to ensure the most is made of each session. Her knack for listening and being able to draw out what may lie beneath the surface of an individual’s motivations is one way she has created a successful approach for me to obtain my personal and professional goals.” – Chantai F
Now taking on new clients for May. Email for details or visit my website
Here to help you gracefully get through adversity!
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Don't be afraid to change your environment, your friends or business partnerships. If you desire to grow then doing the same things with the same people isn't going to get you much more than what you've always gotten. If you want more then you need to make moves. The "no new friends" attitude will get you "no new levels"...🤷🏾‍♀️

Not sure what I took serious in life at 15. My daughter says "I want to be a makeup artist and model mom" so I will support that because she can be/do anything she puts her mind to. We all can!
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Introducing the Into the Woods S/S 2017 Collection. The New Collection is available now on Let us know what you think.
Models: Shakira @shxkiraa
Make-Up: Angela @angel.rose.arts 
Stylist: Zola @stylzbyzee 
Studio and Lighting: CJ @mytostudio

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"How you gon' win when you ain't right within. Come again" 🎶 "Talking out your neck sayin' you're a Christian" 🎶
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At my daughters ( @chardxnnay_ ) photoshoot with @shamayim Styled by @msstylelyte Videography by @nabilshash

Become known as a level of excellence. Consistency is key 🔑

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