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The Ol' white lady don't even realize how Chola she really is with them white airs & long socks...😆 #orale #lax #thisislosangeles

Eastern shrines in roman courtyards... #vegas

Lastnight I was blessed to listen & watch @questlove DJ for hours for free because I have truly amazing friends! It was @monalisa7872 birthday party & I stood next to my Sis with him DJ'n next to her holdin my drink & her double fisted & twisted like we were cool but deep down inside I was definitely on some fan boy shit! 😆 I'd never been blessed to hear him play records only drums for @theroots I had an amazing time! Big Thanks to my Brother @djexpo & the rest of the @mom_la family! #questlove #theallmightyrootscrew #fanboy #ivereadthisguysautobiography #mom #motownonmondays #shortstop #echopark #thisislosangeles

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