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My Elder @zulushakim rockin his #handmade #pyramid #leather #beaded Blackwatch #medallion he ordered #custom from me a few months back. Holla at me if you'd like something I already produce or if your interested in your own one of a kind custom design. I accept Paypal & ship Worldwide... #lastmandidthat #hustlegang #dowork

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone. It has powerful metaphysical properties that will shield you against negativity, and the energy of these stones may stimulate the gift of prophecy.
Pieces of these stones that had a shiny surface were used in the past as a tool for scrying.
It an excellent crystal to use when you have been doing spiritual or healing work, as it has a strong action to ground you to Mother Earth. This black stone is excellent to assist you to release disharmony that has built up in your day to day life and during work on yourself, including resentment of others, fear and anger...
#blackobsidian #spiritwork #prophecy #shieldovermyheart 🖤

Fly wool letterman jacket on its way to my Blackwatch Elder Zulu King Shakim @zulushakim in Cleveland ZOOM! Probably one of the dopest jackets I've ever made/refreaked. It no longer comes anywhere close to fitting me. lol It's ok I only wore it once or twice anyway, it's never cold enough in Southern California for this jawn. 😐#sharetheblessing #keepitmovement #zulu #zulunation #custom #patches #patchedup #remixed #refreaked #funkfreaks #lastmandidthat

Anybody who knows me knows what a miracle this is. I hate to do dishes! See how many were dirty?

A few of my favorite things... 🚴 #weride #bikestarline #allgonoslow #wtfisbrakes

#Choices lmao #thosewerethedays circa 90/91

Blessings from my Brother Master Jeweler @douglassdesigns new Eilat Stone bracelet aka King Solomon’s Stone. Eilat is a stone of various beneficial metaphysical properties. This is due to its unique mineral composition of Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Malachite, Azurite, Dioptase and Copper. This combination radiates a vibration that possesses special emotional and physical healing properties. One will benefit greatly from wearing this stone, as its main priority is to assist one in attaining spiritual growth by stimulating the higher mind to access deeper wisdom. It clears and activates all Chakras, including the Thymus Chakra, aligns the subtle bodies, stimulates intuition and helps in the development of the psychic visions, aka clairvoyance. Eilat Stone is used to embrace individuality, promote harmony, calm the mind and facilitate meditation by releasing one of any and all negativity. Another benefit of this stone is its grounding abilities. It doesn’t just attune one to Earth, but it aids in communicating with nature spirits. It, also, helps one attune to the perfection of the universe. Eilat Stone is exclusively from copper mines in the Timna Valley located 24 kilometers north of Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat, near the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. These are the copper mines of King Solomon, hence its colloquial name. Due to the deposit’s unique geological formation, Eilat Stone is only found in this particular area and should not be confused with similar looking gemstones from other countries. When copper mining at Timna became unprofitable in the 70s and 80s, the mining of Eilat Stone ceased, and the deposit is also believed to be ostensibly depleted. Having the distinction of being found only in Israel, being the country’s national gemstone, and no longer mined, Eilat Stone has become increasingly valuable with existing, dwindling supplies exceedingly scarce and difficult to source. #copper #eilat #stone #jewelry #bracelet #solomonsstone #davidsstone #starofdavid #houseofdavid #rastafari #fulltime #nodaysoff #noonefightsalone #souljah #jaharmy


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