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okay OH MY GOD the match today was so good and all but at the end i got so pissed ?? everyone did a fucking pitch invasion and that's so irritating ... they were supposed to do a ceremony but the sidemen's stupid fanbase filled with misbehaved and spoiled 12 year old white boys, just don't know how to behave?? i'm so mad that 1/10 of the stadium had to ruin it for everyone else. bloody losers.

but overall, i really enjoyed watching the stream and i absolutely loved seeing JJ on the field :))

hey! thought i should talk about who i am and the fact that i am NOT ksi (if it wasn't already obvious)

my name is nim, i'm a pretty big fan of JJ, and i have his old username to run this fan acc. i only have his old username, i am not him, i am not associated with him sadly. please stop commenting on posts thinking i'm JJ or spamming my dms because it's honestly just annoying as hell. this is only a username and im not trying to portrait myself as JJ either.
have a nice day, comment or dm if you have any questions xx be nice :)

he's so cute :) sorry i've been a bit inactive, schools been taking up my time but spring break comes soon so i'll post more :p hope everyone has a nice day !

i think i should start using this account more ! i'm getting more into the fandom and i think it's time this account doesn't go inactive :) how is everyone doing?

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