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Kano  With a pinch of sarcasm

... Always inspirational. Always educational. Always jokes. Always mint tea. Just out here trying to be the change we want to see. RESPECT.

@omygoshitsddoublee / @officialchip / @therealghetts All out now to be enjoyed. UK to the world.

Jamaica, Land We Love

Him realer than real. Facts. Endless respect for this, king.

When you fly out and surprise mummy on her Bday...
Life doesn’t get much better. Family. Ah we say family.

Tonight’s Ghettsibition from my brother @therealghetts. Plus an insightful Q&A with @akalamusic where I learnt some stuff I never knew.
Congratulations on the powerful and classy body of work you released today. ‘Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament’ OUT NOW - please do.
The growth is emotional. I’ve seen it all. You can’t be stopped now. Go and take what you deserve. BLESS.

thanks for avin us.

One time at a shoobs a man grabbed the microphone and said, “Hold-tight all the motorbike jacket crew without no biiiiiike!” And a legend was born. Well, to me. That’s around the time I discovered D Double E, but he had been a local “somebody” even from the Jungle days. I knew him as MC Dee. Before D Double E.
I used to listen (and listen and listen) to all the recorded bedroom sets floating around the endz on cassette tapes back then. My cousin Clayton would get them from Petchy and he would let me borrow them for a week before taking them back. M.A.D. Crew: Monkee, Alley and Dee. Dee was a legend in the endz way before becoming a legend to the world. I was that kid that knew all of Dee’s lyrics - on many occasions I’ve reminded him of bars even he has since forgotten. The kid that would stand still for an hour and a half holding the hi-fi radio aerial in statue position to catch the whole set clean. The kid that recorded my own tapes in our bedroom with my bro deejaying and me impersonating Dee. It would go something like... “Lyrically flexin’ like a muscle man inna the gym, weightlifting, I’m lyrically fat but physically thin, Kano gonna ride the riddim.” Or whatever my name was at the time. I never got as far as the hi-top. But that kid did one day get to meet his idol - convertible Golf GTI may I add - and, yes, I was fucking star-struck.
After starting to write my own lyrics and making a little name for myself, I eventually had the opportunity to go back-to-back with the big man himself - Ginger’s yard, E6. Then, even later down the line, we somehow ended up in a crew together (NASTY Crew). I’ve skipped a lot, but just know that life is mad. Energy is real.
To this day, when I see Double I’m still that little kid. Circumstances change but the respect remains. To me, he is the farda. And that’s that. I am a part of the generation that he has inspired so much and I can’t thank him enough for being the single biggest inspiration in my musical career.
I hear new grime emcees spit today and whether conscious or not, I often hear a tasteful amount of D Double E mixed in there. That’s legacy.
A one of one. A national treasure. Thank you and congratulations.

‘Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament’
Pre-order available now. Please do... (@therealghetts)

Me playing Zizou, watching a genius on the field; Jodi is his name.

& never forget the lyrics.

enjoy the good times, remember the hard times.

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