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JP Walker  @thirtytwo @etniesskateboarding @nixon @oakleysnowboarding @stepchildsnowboards @epicbar @vertra 📲 Signature Series Edit👇

Frontside rodeo flip in Utah filming for GOOD LOOK. I’ve been exploiting this rodeo flip in the streets since ‘05. I’d run out of ideas and spots for it but I really like this trick so I decided to try this ultimate form of it by flipping off the side of a moving vehicle. I got so nervous before trying this that I had to hop in my truck and make a mad dash to a bathroom before shitting myself. I drove a few blocks to a grocery store and came in hot to the parking lot. I forgot that I had an aluminum drop in ramp standing up right in my truck that was fixed with some heavy duty tie downs. I instantly remember that the ramp was back there when it smashed into the over-height restrictor at the entrance to the parking lot. In panic I gave my truck some gas and popped free of the drop in ramp. I hopped out of my truck and saw the twisted mess of a custom $1500 dollar ramp freely hangin from the metal restrictor. With cars piling up behind me I yanked on the ramp and somehow got it to come crashing down. I dragged it to the side of the street and left it sitting next to the curb and went inside to do my business. I came out reloaded the ramp and went back to the park where the crew was waiting for me to perform this moving van stunt. I explained what happened and tried to move on mentally. We put the truck next to the hill and built the tranny up to it. Next we slowly pulled the truck out to reveal the QP. It was paper thin at the top but the snow was slushy and good for building. @sethhuot was brave enough drive the van and killed it every try. I more than trust my life with him and never had to second guess that part of the equation. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the timing. When I should start vs when he should start. Snow was warming up and the runway was south facing so as soon as I thought we had it dialed the speed would change the next try. It only took about 6 tries but each go had so much time in-between because the QP would be ruined after one go and we would have to pull the van in and rebuild it. When I finally got it we all just laughed. It was almost comical that it worked because it seemed so undoable at one point. #10yearsofjpwalker

@thirtytwo Upland Insulator Jacket. I like wearing this underneath outerwear on a cold day 🥶 or for just kicking it in comfort. Visor beanie to complete the vibe. 😉

Quad kink boardslide in Sweden filming for CHEERS. The first time I went to this spot was back in 2006 when we were filming for THAT. We hooked up with local homie @kareemer and he took us to this kink and a bunch of other amazing spots in Stockholm. We stayed in the city for a month but barely snowboarded and mostly partied and I got pix to prove it.🍻 Might leak a couple less incriminating ones in my story.😂 Anyway I tried to boardslide this rail back then but never got it. 4 years later I was back in Stockholm and wanted to try again. It took many tries. Probably tried for a few hours and wanted to give up but @joesextion1817 and Simon Chamberlain kept me in the game. It took 2 multi-hour sessions spread across 4 years but I finally got it. This was my ender clip that year. #10yearsofjpwalker

@thirtytwo Drifter Reversible Polar Fleece Jacket is perfect for a clear day or when you are having a kit crisis. 😂🤔

Fun switch line from my SMOKE SCREEN edit @_thespot_ @brightonresort from last season. 📹 @blair_mckinney @gopro Look that up if you missed it last winter.

Double Cork in the BC backcountry filming for CHEERS. I hadn’t filmed this trick since I did the first one back in ’03 filming for Shakedown. I guess I could have continued to film one every year or try a new variation of it but honestly my focus to progress snowboarding was more handrail based. I believed back then and still today that the bulk of progression, trick and spot wise, is in the streets. That’s not to say that I don’t love riding pow and hitting big jumps but rather that I was more focused on the streets. That being said I figured a 7 year hiatus from the trick was long enough. I always knew that this jump would be perfect for a double cork but its located at a lower elevation and hard to get it with good snow. At least that is true in the spring time when I am usually in BC. Funny enough I think it took me 5 tries to land it versus the 3 it took when I originally did it back in the day. I had to fight the landing a bit but I thought it looked pretty cool. #10yearsofjpwalker

@Vertra premium sun care for all season ☀️ ❄️ #elementalresistance

Holding it down in my new @thirtytwo Sig TM Jacket in dirty white plus reflective logo with visor beanie to match.🖤

New @thirtytwo Spot Check @brightonresort is live. @tommyvanman @turdlord @_baby_kangaroo_ Link in story📲

@thirtytwo Rest Stop Fleece on a warm day or for layering underneath outerwear 👌🚡🏙

50-50 to lipslide in Minnesota filming for CHEERS. This spot had its list of problems. The flat bar was really long with a close out and the down rail was really short, had a donkey and wasn’t very high off the snow. It was hard to find the right speed to do the flat bar well and not sky past the down rail. I think I did several 50-50’s and just flew past the second rail all together. Then I had to figure out how much to pop to the right with out clearing the rail. Once I figured all that out I finally made contact with the rail and locked into a lip slide but I got spit of the kink and didn’t ride away. The next time I made contact I snapped my board. I had to stop everything and set up and new deck but now I knew that I only had one chance to square up the rail because my board couldn’t do 2 in a row without breaking and I was on my last deck. Luckily I somehow got off the end of the rail and rode away. #10yearsofjpwalker

Holding it down @_thespot_ in the @thirtytwo Filter polar fleece zip hood. 💀⚒♦️

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