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Jim Parsons 

Tonight! We start! @bigbangtheory_cbs and @youngsheldoncbs

❤️Swipe for my caption to this picture which was too long to just write here (not surprising given the circumstances) ❤️

Goodbye, dressing room 1 at The Booth Theater, you’ve been very good to me and provided some decent naps between shows... and thank you to whoever made and sent me the little ornament with a pic of Otis - know that I hung him over my dressing room chair where I also felt he was watching out for me. ❤️🎭🐶❤️

I will miss all involved with @boysbandbway more than I can say... so I won’t try to. But thank you all for being part of such a powerful experience with me - and that includes everyone in the cast, crew and all of you who came to see us. ❤️🌈😘🎭🐶❤️ oh and thank you, @brianhutchison3 for all the wonderful photos.

Thank you, @mayorofgramercypark for my favorite new mug... and ain’t it the truth ❤️🐶❤️😁

Cheers to a FANTASTIC performance, @jessetyler ! You were wonderful as was the whole show - happy closing day! 🎉🎭❤️👍

This is me, calling you... and if I look at tad panicked it’s because I’m calling to tell you that we close @boysbandbway on August 11 and this ain’t no joke! We really close on that day - no surprise last-minute extensions! So... if you want to come see us, you now know the deadline for doing so! Hope to see you there ❤️🌈🎭👍

Happy 70th to a woman who has been, in turns, a wonderful friend, a wonderful daughter and a magnificent mother. She was beloved by her classmates in high school, voted “Class Favorite” twice (a fact I first read in her old HS Year Books I found on our bookshelves at home that fascinated me); she was a champion and fighter on behalf of her own mother when her mother was widowed and needed an advocate; and she raised me and my sister (pictured with her here) throughout our lives to believe in ourselves and our abilities but to understand it took a lot of hard work to achieve what we wanted. Am I saying through rose-colored glasses that she’s perfect? Well, hell no: she’s HUMAN and a FIGHTER and NOT perfect which is exactly why I admire her and look up to her the way that I do. She is living proof of how much “wonderful” is possible if you are willing to put yourself out there and just do it. Thank you, Mother; I love you and happy birthday! 🎁🎉🎂 ❤️

Huge congrats to these two - Kaley and Karl - on their marriage. They’re a truly well-matched pair with so much love between them... it’s a beautiful thing to be around them and I am so happy for them both! @normancook 📷 @claudcraig ❤️🎉❤️👍🐶❤️

Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Cried like a baby, I’ll be frank about it. Three brilliantly executed performances and oh my God how effectively directed by #joemantello Thank you to everyone involved #lauriemetcalf #glendajackson @msalisonpill

🐶, harness, lap, 🚗

That was fun! Backstage just before we presented @thetonyawards @zacharyquinto @mattbomer @andrewrannells @boysbandbway

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