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Julian  SF->LA

“Hello? Nuthin much, just Etch-a-Sketchin’”

Unbounded infinite eternal unity
is found
At the base of all matter and mind.
This field is known by many names -
Amoung them:
Unified field
Kingdom of heaven
Constitution of the universe
The transcendent
Ocean of bliss consciousness
Atma = Self
Brahm = Totality
Self-referral consciousness
The absolute
The Tao
Sat Chit Ananda
Samhita of Rishi Devata Chhandas
The source
Creative intelligence
Home of total knowledge
Home of all the laws of nature
Painting by @voltz and @dianadilllon


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Sunday reading. 🐓🔫 #beyondthestreets

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That joke was funny @tone_foster @deathscottfitzgerald

The twin suns of Tattooine #nofilter

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