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Insane Clown Posse  The 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is coming!!!

. @iamtheroc is a good man.... -VJ

‪Whattap Doe Juggalos!!?!?!?‬ ‪What are y'all getting into this weekend? ‬ ‪Where's the fun and family at?‬

Right now! On www.Facebook.Com/PsychopathicTV it’s the #DCGCon special edition with Jumpsteady, Louis, Rachel Paul, The Rudeboy, KG, Kegan The Creep ass talking about the highs and the lows and the freshness at the shows!!! Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

‪TONIGHT!‬ ‪The Juggalo Show returns to Psychopathic TV on Facebook as Jumpsteady, The Rudeboy @rudeboyluv and ya boy @OGkevingill will be discussing what went down at #DCGCon ‬The benefits. The bones. And where we go from here as a Juggalo Family.
DCG CON STAFFERS Louis Simpson, Rachel Paul, and Kegan The Creep Ass will all be joining us. ‪Plus DEMO JAMS!! ‬ ‪8pm eastern. ‬
‪5 pacific. ‬ ‪You tuning in? ‬

#dcgcon #Juggalo #InsaneClownPosse #DarkCarnival #darkcarnivalgamesconvention #DarkCarnivalGamesCon #ForJuggalosByJuggalos

What is it that draws you in?
This magic that compels you? 📷 @kittycatcheryl
#DCGCON #DCGCON2018 #Juggalo #InsaneClownPosse #ICP #Denver

The 2018 Fowlarama World Champs are team Sex Files!!!! Reno Rydaz took over the parking lot, and made logistics their side bitch!


‪Sorry ninjas but do to a couple unforeseen bones, tonight’s Great Milenko Show has been postponed. ‬ ‪Stay tuned for more details.‬

The Show MUST go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #dcgcon2018 #dcgcon

Tonight’s concert event has been moved to
The Roxy 2549 Welton Street in Denver.

YES, We will have Morton’s List, the new expansion pack, and all the exclusive DCGCON merch at tonight’s show.
Thank you all for your time, love, and respect.
First artist on stage at 7:30

@officialmacsabbath & Insane Clown Posse

Hosted by The Rudeboy!!

We will never die alone. JUGGALOS will carry on!

You can’t stop the glory and this movement can not be faded.

Tonight’s Dark Carnival Games Con concert with Insane Clown Posse will be going down. TONIGHT. At THE ROXY IN DENVER.

More details. Very soon.
Tonight doors will open at 7pm at The Roxy in Denver.
Sewerside. MC Lars. Ouija Macc. Lyte. Mac Sabbath. And Insane Clown Posse.
Show start at 7:30 so don’t sleep.

If you missed on on Morton’s List or any of the exclusive merch or the New expansion pack we will have it all tonight.
Thanks for your patience. Understanding. And Support.

Tell a friend.


Beautiful DCG art. Beautiful DCG minds. Beautiful DCG hearts.
Juggalos...we love you. We appreciate you. And we acknowledge all your wonderful work and creativity in making DCG a Dark Carnival blessed and beautiful space that was truly For Juggalos, By Juggalos.
However, due to circumstances that are beyond our control, the DCG Con Convention Hall has been shut down, to the tears and heartbreak of our wonderful 100% Juggalo-run staff and amazing attendees who put their hearts and souls into making this space for our beloved Juggalo Family. This was COMPLETELY out of our hands, ninjas. We here at Psychopathic Records apologize and we are with you, we will be here in the hotel, and we love you more than you will ever know.
More details to come, but here is what we can do right now as a FAMILY: Enjoy Denver TOGETHER. Enjoy our time TOGETHER. Enjoy gaming and fresh times with EACH OTHER. Because DCG isn't about the flashing lights, table cloths, decorations, and high-flying ultra fresh carnival setup of the closed down convention hall. Not at all. All that is fresh, for certain.
But at the end of the day--It's about US. OUR time together as a FAMILY. And as long as we are TOGETHER as a Family, in our minds--The CON IS STILL ON! Stay tuned for the full rundown from the man himself, Jumpsteady.
But for now--just know. As long as we are Gathered here, can't nobody stop our shine. BBQs, game nights, and adventure awaits. It's up to you, ninjas! Let's keep this party going like we knowin, with clown love and karma! It's up to you to accept the challenge and make this Con truly #ForJuggalosByJuggalos
#DCGCON2018 #dcgcon

Shaggy 2 Dope and @djclay313 closing it out for night one of #DCGCon #DCGCon2018 #FO #FTFO
#FTFOMF #Shaggy2Dope #Juggalo 📸 by @ogkevingill

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