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@mrjakejohnson has a movie out today and apparently he plays Spider-Man in it which is pretty insane and unbelievable for a guy who sat on a couch for seven years so I suggest you go to the theaters to see it for yourself. 🕷😱

Season three finale of New Girl was an episode called cruise and we shot a pretty weird scene of us eating dinner with the Captain of the ship at her table that never made the episode and I’m sharing that never before known New Girl fact with you because my bangs look great in this photo and I wanted to post it which at this point in my bang journey is like posting a photo of an ex so you can tell me to go back to him though i definitely know I shouldn’t. #cutebangs #youshouldcutthem #NOISHOULDNTSHERYL #THATCHAPTEROFMYLIFEISOVER

Yeah yeah yeah the veil but did Priyanka have a full self serve salad bar tho? #scmecewedding #btsss

Whenever I try to make sense of the world I remember that I was on a tv show with FREAKIN PRINCE and I was higher on the call sheet than him and I’m like there is no method to the madness so do whatever you want.

So last night my friends @angeliquecabral and @zoelisterjones decided to attempt the impossible and drag me out of my house to this amazing event @29rooms. And I had a long hard look at my stupid half grown out bangs and decided nope these are not Haddish bangs. She ain’t ready. So Queen @nickichestnut came over and I demanded she cut my hair bangs back to full glory and she refused. Nicki is the one who cut my bangs for all seven seasons of New Girl (yes you can reach out to her and see if she will cut your bangs but I swear to god if you tag me in your perfectly cut Nicki bangs I’ll kill you because that is so beyond rude) ANYWHOO Nicki said no and she put bobby pins in my hair and it looked cute but half way through the event I was feeling myself a little too hard was like I don’t need bobby pins and I yanked them out and then sat in this weird rainbow light and well you see the result. SHE AINT READY. So I’m going back into hiding. I’ll see you guys in a year. Bye.

@tarzannoz made me laugh so hard my body collapsed and someone took this picture of me smiling and for that I will never forgive him. Brand new Single Parents tonight x

Ain’t 2 proud to beg. @29rooms @refinery29 #tlc #leduh

Me with bangs vs Me growing out bangs

Ten years ago today I quit my job and hopped a one way flight from Toronto to LA. A girl I kinda knew had been living here for 12 years and we were talking about where we were from and she said she was from LA... she was born and raised in Wisconsin but she said the rule was if you have lived in LA for ten years you can say you are from LA and I was like wooooah that’s a billion years from now and I hope I can say that one day and I wonder what will happen if I stay here that long....and here I am. Ten years later. And there is nowhere else I’d rather be from. AND YES I KNOW THAT ISN’T A REAL RULE BUT THAT GIRL SAID IT TO ME AND FOR SOME WEIRD REASON I HELD ONTO TO IT SO LET ME HAVE THIS OKAY. #ramsramsrams

Y’all have figured out this is just an elaborate prank masterminded by Prank Sinatra right? “#toobig #waytoobig #theultimatemessaround #jakeandzooeycommittedHARD

Beyond excited to share this incredible project starring a young smart Indian animated heroine who is solving cases with the help of her friends. The tv landscape is slowly shifting to be more representative and I am beyond honored to be a small part of it alongside @leelaladnier @freidapinto @kalpenn @utktheinc @thesonalshahlife @aasifmandvi @sarayublue @jameelajamilofficial @therealhuse @parvey @itskaransoni @aparnapkin and @disneyjunior ❤️🇮🇳 #tagallbillionofus

These beautiful jerks let me get weird with them tonight on single parents. ❤️❤️

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