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For the final season the entire cast traveled to the Czech Republic and studied German at Charles University in Prague. As you can see @iammaxgreenfield and I really applied ourselves whereas @mrjakejohnson and @lamorne just phoned it in but whatever I think the jokes still land. #finalseason #czechyourself #thankyoutomyczechfriendforthevideo xo

Hey Fashion Designers, quick query. Why do you keep making these irresistible hella cute rompers that no woman in their right mind can say no to? The idea of rolling through the world in a onsie that gives you a cute waist seems like a no brainer UNTIL you find yourself in a public restroom buck ass naked clutching the entire outfit in your hands by your ankles praying that none of it touches the disgusting floor while you are hovering over a toilet seat and then you are like WHY AM I WEARING THIS STUPID PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT DOES NOT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD. WHY AM I NAKED IN THIS RESTAURANT. *ABOVE IS AN ALBUM OF REGRET.* #thesmilesarelies #romperregret

Babies having babies aka weird woman plays fake mom of two sweet little twin girls. #nonewgirlthistuesday 😭

Candid behind the scenes shot of the maniacs of New Girl... never has a photo captured all the inner spirit animals of a group of people quite so perfectly. #clownbrigade

Yo season 8 you out there? #newgirl #stillnotready #shouldwedoareunion 📸 @jessegiddings

When the curtains match the drapes. #bamboozled #sticksonsticks

If you look closely you can see the tears in my eyes. This photo was taken at 2 am right before I walked out of the best apartment I have ever lived in. The best for a million reasons but most of all because it connected me to the dopest fan base in the entire world. Insanely, I woke up this morning to A MILLION followers. So now there are tears in my eyes again. Thank you all for showing up. I’ll promise to not only post photos of my cats in RVs. (That’s a lie. Mainly because they have their own account @havecatzwilltravel) #amillionreasons

Where do we go from here? How do we move on from this?.... thank you to @lizmeriwether and every single person who helped make our show possible by working on it or being fans of it like Prince. You are all magic ❤️

A million years ago this babygirl had a small role in this incredible show and they decided to pair her with this insanely talented generous actor who is a proud husband and dad and that pairing grew her role into a main character. I spent the best part of 7 years in scenes with Max and learnt so much about how to balance this amazing career and family. You’re the best. Also getting to go to the Golden Globes once was the best. Especially watching George Clooney suck up to my Indian Dad because George thought he was a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press.

After many many New Girl episodes, Cece and Nick finally had a their first scene written together. In that episode they wrote that I had to kick @mrjakejohnson in the dick. They brought a stunt coordinator in for me but I was like NAH BRUV I GOT THIS. Jake and I never had a scene together after that and anytime we were forced close to each other he stood like this. Over the years we developed a silent relationship based on simple heads nods and safe distance but deep down I believe we had a true friendship where he girded his heart loins as much as his actual loins.

My Messaround Morn aka Winnie da bish. You’ve been my day one since day one (well technically episode 2 but whatever.) you are the bestest weirdest most talented friend and I’m happy that all of our scenes together required no acting xo @lamorne

That time New Girl was nominated for a Golden Globe and everyone showed up except @mrjakejohnson who couldn’t make it so Mr Bean came instead and no one noticed.

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