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EbonyEyez Musical Visionary  Mother of two beautiful children, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Singer/Songwriter, Visionary etc, When you become selfless... You become God's chosen!

I've seen and been through some shit in my life..... That's why I'm PROTECTED!!! Some of #you would have committed suicide!! Believe!! That's why I've been PROTECTED over the years... Please look pass the material things and look at my heart!! It's BIG on PURPOSE!! To allow you to feel the love, when I didn't think love existed!!! Some things no one will ever know that I saw.... But I'm gonna make you feel me!! Find yourself paying close attention to the things people say and do.... My expression of gratitude come from making it thru the fire!!! To be continued 😁
#elevation #thanksAPB

Regroup, refocus, wait patiently, stay busy, be and think positive thoughts, win honorably, be or become selfless, try submission, elevate the mind, be kind, love everything about you, get that education, dream big, etc πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ #winning #andwillwin

Guys meet William aka Billy..... My friend.... He was homeless.... I choose to serve him!!! He was murdered in 2015. That was a hard pill to swallow!!!! I miss him so much..... It's my heart the reason that God continues to Bless me.... 😘😘😘


I love long nails...... but I also love to fight when provoked. Broke my nails down to the white meat twice last year. So I'll pass.... No to mention it's difficult to play my keyboard with them. Anywho love this photo! 😎

Feeling fabulous...... 😎

To the meat lovers in my family and that are visiting me.... Your baked chicken is ready!!! I'll pass though.... 😝 #vegetarian

Prepping two meals for the week.... Baked potato, baked chicken, rice, pinto beans, and spaghetti!!! While sipping on my pink wine this time. lol Yummy.....ecstatic about the change I intend to make. Winners win Winners!! When the opposite stimulates your mind..... Even the hard headed get in line...A.P.B. me! 😊😘

Smiling!!! Full of energy as usual!!! 😎

I can NOT!!! You can NOT!! We can NOT!! Negativity has to GO!!.... Prayers to all my viewers and their continual success!! Falling back off my own page to stay FOCUSED. My life is producing more than I could ever have IMAGINED!! I'm in a new chapter in my life!! I can't afford to get caught up in NOTHING about NOTHING!! I have so much to give the entire world!!!! Separation cause elevation!!! My love interest has motivated me to change and I appreciate him for that... 😊 I'm entirely too blessed to entertain anything less than the good!! I'm not just trying to be successful... I'm trying to help others in their process as well! Selfless.... That I am! Too ALL make your life, your love life, your private life the best you can.... Blessings!! 😘

PERFECT!!! It's time out for foolishness..... Tap into your own Power and get your eyes off others!! We are made differently! Life goes on.... Thanks 2Pac 😘


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