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Best shirt ever. @mariobutterfield wins when it comes to gifts

Everybody remembers where they were when it happened. I remember being scared to fly that day cause it was my first flight after we lost Aaliyah. We never got off the ground, everything happened while we were sitting on that runway. The captain came on and said the FAA had cancelled all flights for the day, he couldn’t tell us why but he’d let us turn our phones on until we could taxi to the gate. Having your phone on while sittin on the plane was unheard off back then. One by one you heard, “a plane crashed?” “A plane hit the World Trade Center??” “Terrorist??” Then the plane got quiet, everybody was on alert and skeptical of the person they were sitting next to. We got back to the airport and it was pandemonium. People huddled around the tv in tears, and I couldn’t call my mother, manager or anyone to let them know I was good. By that time the cellphone airs were gridlocked. It was rough for me and I can’t imagine how people dealt/deal with losing a loved one that way. I pray for for the fam and friends of 911 victims today like I did 17 years ago. Where were you? #neverforget #911

Made a roll cage for my 1/16 e-revo out of wood. It was my first attempt. Figured I’d rather f0@k up with wood than steel. I’m ready now. #dwethetoolman #traxxas #revo #hopups #alloy #rollcage

Maaan @jtaitsinger just took me out with this 😂😂😂

He don’t want it with rock😂😂


Road trip to Cleveland for #yayoikusama #infinitymirrors . Go see it if it comes close to you. Got a chance to check out some of the museum afterwards too

One day late but screaming happy bday to my baby bro @gmuzak !!

Perfect day to make noise #Yamaha #virago #750 #cafe #bobber #1982

😂😂😂 my guy @raheem_devaughn was about to stop the whole show if dood didn’t get out that seat Hahahaha!! Killed that shit!

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