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I have found my fave Vietnamese restaurant in the city! Many of you know about my love for @thephorestaurant, but if you don't, then lemme repeat it: THIS PLACE IS AWESOME.

It is the only Vietnamese place in town that legitimately gives me cravings enough to make me drive there just to get their #pho and #brokenrice.
And hey...when was the last time you ever saw #DKLo with a hat? πŸ˜‰

Watch for more exciting developments involving some of my absolute favourite restaurants!

Photo cred to the always fabulous @ellexeats πŸ˜πŸ˜„

When the creamy filling makes you happy it must be the #mangocrepe at @smiledessert.toronto!

I mean look at it, it even LOOKS like a smile ☺🀣 This is one of my fave items here as it was super creamy and rich πŸ˜€. As Toronto is getting flooded by Asian dessert places, make sure to check these guys out!

Big, delicious things are happening soon at @onopokebarto leading up to their one year anniversary!
Very proud to be working with them to celebrate this momentous occasion. Yep, that means a #DKLoEvents is coming up πŸ‘ So stay tuned for further exciting updates!

A nice 3-way dessert to end #epicdimsumshowdown3 at the lovely @laiwahheen in downtown Toronto. This was truly an epic feast that will be hard to top πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— The #ζ΅ζ²™εŒ… is my absolute fave! Eat it quickly while hot!

The #jerkchicken #karaage at @nakamorijapaneserestaurant is absolutely fantabulous! Just #trustinDK and give it a try πŸ‘

Definitely a #hiddengem in Scarborough! It's worth the drive here you guys.

Damn these beef ribs are making me hungry! Love the #comtam at @thephorestaurant as it has one of the BEST marinated meats in town.

Too bad we moved away from this place 😢😢 but definitely will still stop by for more of their rice dishes πŸ˜„

Perfect for Sunday lunch!

Stumbled across this awesome Viet restaurant a few weeks back which shot up to become one of my top fave Viet places in the city.

Their satay #pho is unique and tasty, and they have #buildyourown pho. WHATTTT.

I just had to get on board this so I'm glad to announce that @thephorestaurant and #DKLoEvents will indeed have a collaboration very soon. Look for it in social media feeds near you πŸ˜—

Words cannot describe how blessed I feel to be invited by @jon_mrdimsum to #epicdimsumshowdown3 at @laiwahheen!
To be honest, I started my foodie journey back in 2011 (yep!) and have gone through many ups and downs. But only in the past few years have I been fortunate enough to really get to know some of the city's top foodies.

And boy - to be invited back for my second Epic Dim Sum in a row was a real treat! The service was nice and I especially appreciate how each foodie got his/her own selection of dimsum treats!

Not sure this little guy feels the same though πŸ€— I shall return to #laiwahheen in the future!

Cute name tag from @bamboostarpro!

My fave item at the new @dessertkitchenca is hands down the #serradura. It actually got better the warmer it got (so protip: you got tons of time to take pics!) And yes, I've seen a lot of posts on this baby but what can I do? It's legitimately my fave item there 🀣

And omigosh, how lovely is the space there? You gotta visit!

Thank you #dessertkitchen for the invite, it was so lovely to have #dessertfordinner πŸ˜—

Finally got to try @aisushi.ca and quite enjoyed it! I didn't expect it to be a counter-service but that's 100% fine by me!

The service was nice and the space is so large - just wished there were more seats! The #spicysalmon roll is our benchmark and the ones were were nice.

Oh and the party platters here are SUPER reasonably priced!

Hi, I'm Dr. DK, how can I help you today?
Super excited to be working with @labothery.inc to promote their awesome, DIY #bubbletea store with a laboratory theme!

Their grand opening is THIS SATURDAY March 3rd at 3 pm (3-3-3!!) where for the first THREE hours, each person will get one free bubbletea! Then, from 6 pm to closing time it's buy one get one free.
And yes, you can borrow lab coats for pictures too 😁

Photo cred to @ellexeats ☺

Had a nice #dessertfordinner experience at the newly opened @dessertkitchenca right by U of T where I attended many years ago!

Pictured here is the interesting #kanten noodles, with fresh fruits and a peach dipping syrup. So beautiful, light, and delightfully chewy 😁

Thank you to #dessertkitchen for the invite and hospitality. Very honoured to have been given the opportunity to sample your awesome selection!

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