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Have you seen my latest post on the blog? I wrote about self-love for Valentine’s Day because while I’m the kind of person who gets excited about any holiday-and my husband never disappoints, I remember the years I spent lots of Valentine’s Days at home with my girls and that was just fine with me. Homemade cards and macaroni necklaces were precious to me during that time. I think it’s about showing love and appreciation, that it doesn’t have to be just for romantic partners and most importantly it shouldn’t be only one day a year. Make sure you’re showing love all year long and that you’re extending that same loving kindness to YOU too! #selflove #selfcare #bloggersover40 #omaginsiders #beautyover40 #chicover40

Happy Galentine’s Day friends! Today I’m working on a self-esteem workshop for preteen girls. I want to meet them where they are, so I’m thinking about what I’d tell my younger self. I’d want her to know that it’s ok to make mistakes-that perfect is an illusion. And I’d want her to know that courage is key. I’d ask her to have the courage to listen to her own heart, to go against the crowd and even against the grain when she felt a calling to do so. I’d tell her to trust herself and that she shouldn’t worry so much about missing the mark because failure is really just another opportunity to grow. And I’d tell her that nothing she could do would make her unworthy of love! What advice would you give to your younger you? #loveyourselfie #omaginsiders #wednesdaywisdom #selflove #confidence #selfesteem #bloggersover40 #beautyover40

“My mission in life is not only to survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”~Maya Angelou This will always be one of my favorite quotes and the jumpsuit will forever be my favorite going out look. I ❤️effortless style. #omaginsiders #mondaymotivation #chicover40 #mondayquotes #styleover40 #effortlesschic #beautyover40

The other day a longtime friend reached out to me asking if she could commission me to do some work. My knee jerk response wanted to be enthusiastic yes, but instead I said no. Not because I didn’t want to help her. I adore her and I always want to help everyone but I knew that I couldn’t give her the time she needed AND I didn’t feel like I was the best person for the job. Her response- “I appreciate that and applaud you for saying no.” Don’t be afraid to say no friends. People who care about you will understand and appreciate your sincere no just as much as your enthusiastic yes. And even more importantly you have to be true to YOU! As a helper I admit that this doesn’t come easy but this is small example of what growth looks like for me. #trustyourself #omaginsiders #bloggersover40 #growth #womenempoweringwomen #instagood #ItsOkayToSayNo #womenover40 #oprah

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is around the corner. My husband loves to remind me of the time when we were talking about marriage during our dating days. “Remember that time you told me you were very happy as a single person and the only way you’d even consider being coupled was if it was WAY better than what you already had.” Yep! I remember it like it was yesterday. Now don’t get me wrong I had some really tough times during my 13 year stint as a young single mom but I slowly built the life I longed for. I wasn’t going to settle for less than. I often get asked about dating advice but I only have one piece to share. Become exactly who you want to be. You won’t need anyone to complete you because you’re a whole person. Instead, find someone who complements you..someone who makes your already good life even better! That’s my two cents. What’s the best dating or marriage advice you’ve given or received? #omaginsiders #valentinesday #chicover40 #datingadvice #womeninspiringwomen #beautyover40 #over40bloggers

I read somewhere that some people are predisposed to optimism. But I believe that no matter where you are on that predisposition scale you can choose to keep believing in the good. Yesterday I attended an event at one of my husband’s high schools where young (and not so young) men shared stories of overcoming obstacles. One shared that he found out his mom’s yearly salary was 6k when he had to complete his financial aid paperwork before going to college. He was accepted to Morehouse College and given some financial assistance but it wasn’t enough. He said he kept getting notes saying his account was past due and that he was in jeopardy of being kicked out of the school. But instead of giving up he just kept working hard at school, got a part time job and even did community service. During his sophomore year the notes stopped. He had no idea why and was too afraid to ask. He found out his senior year that the reason the notes stopped was that @oprah had been paying his tuition! What a blessing! Just keep working, keep giving and keep loving friends. You never know who or what my be the blessing you need. Choose to keep going! #omaginsiders #justkeepgoing #choosethegood #instagood #styleover40 #beautyover40 #bloggersover40#chicover40

Happy Friday friends! Today’s a Jeans day at work. I’ve said before that while I love dresses, my favorite thing to wear is a great fitting pair of jeans! As a petite and curvy person this can sometimes be a challenge. I’m working on a post right now about which jeans are my go to’s. Of course my @lovechicos X @nydj jeans are making the list. Do you love jeans as much as I do? p.s did you see my IG story? Don’t forget to wear red today! ❤️#lovechicos #womenofnydj #petiteandcurvy #chicover40 #over40style #bloggersover40 #jeansday

“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”~@oprah When this quote popped up on the @oprahmagazine page the other day it resonated with me. I’d just had a conversation with a friend where I told her that she shouldn’t try to make herself seem less significant because the person she was trying to appease wouldn’t be happy no matter how small she made herself. I think many of us have a tendency to want to play down some part of ourselves to make other people feel more comfortable or to avoid the “who does she think she is? “chatter, but that kind of talk is never truly about you anyway. So, don’t stop your shine. It’s time to step out of the shadows and remind yourself that you were made to blossom into more. And...those of us who love you can’t wait to see you grow! 🌱❤️ #yougrowgirl #omaginsiders #growgirlgrow #stepintothelight #bloggersover40 #shinebright #womeninspiringwomen #chicover40 #mytribe

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a Chatty Cathy. I drive my husband and daughters crazy by engaging in convos with Uber drivers, taxi drivers and anyone who wants to talk while sitting next to me on a plane. I don’t mind casual encounters and I actually learn about the best places to eat or visit in a new city from strangers who live there. But, I also love building long term relationships and getting to know all of you in this space is one of my favorite things! I truly enjoy reading all of your comments and I enjoy visiting your pages too! I think we have something special here. Don’t you? #omaginsiders #letsbefriends #mytribe #community #bloggersover40 #chicover40 #extrovert

2018 was a good year but I spent a lot of it feeling out of sorts. Not in a bad way but in an unfamiliar way. I started waiting for the email or the phone call that would make my day because I was in this weird space where my joy shifted externally. And because amazing things were happening to me I began to live in that space. What’s next? I’d ask the universe? And I’d wait...and inevitably something great would happen. Then the waiting game would begin again. I realized that waiting for the light wasn’t how I wanted to live my life! And so I’ve decided there will be no more of that in 2019. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still grateful for every blessing that comes my way but I’m going to own my joy! No more waiting for the next best thing. The next best thing is happening right now. And guess what? I am the light... and so are you! So stop waiting for opportunity and light that tunnel up yourself! What can YOU do today to get yourself closer to your dream?#omaginsiders #womeninspiringwomen #bethelight #bethematch #beautifulyou #stopwaiting #startdoing #newyearnewyou #bloggersover40 #chicover40 #beautyover40

I met a friend for coffee after a workout a little while ago and she walked right past me. When I called her name she turned around and said “I didn’t recognize you in your workout gear. You’re always dressed up.” Point taken... I think it’s time to step up my athleisure wear in 2019. I like that this outfit from the @lovechicos Zenergy® Collection can take me from the yoga studio to coffee with friends and they’ll actually know who I am when I walk through the door! 😂I love the look and feel of this collection, so I’ve added the So Slimming Knit Denim Ankle Leggings, Knit Mix Jacket and Cool Floral Scarf as staples to my workout wardrobe. They’ll keep me looking chic on the go! Need to up your workout look too?👉🏾🛍product link in my bio! #sponsored #lovechicos #howboldareyou #chicover40#styleover40 #workoutstyle #athleisurestyle

I’m working on a post about what’s really in my beauty bag and thinking about all of these ten year challenge photos popping up (shameless plug-mine is in my IG story btw..) but what stands out for me most is how far we have come in ten years with inclusivity! I remember struggling at the makeup counter but I’m so thankful that companies like @fentybeauty @tomford and @narsissist have created beauty products that compliment a wide variety of women with all of their beautiful shades! And, I just want to say thank you to EVERY company featuring women of different ethnicities, shapes, heights, and ages in their campaigns! You’re the real beauty MVP’s🏆 What’s your favorite beauty brand? #beautyover40 #inclusivity #womenover40 #melanin #whatsinmybag

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