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Ariel  I try my best to love everyone.

It’s basically Christmas.

We are humans. Humans who crave love. Every second. We need to feel it. We want to embrace it. Stop being afraid of getting your heart broken. If it happens, you learn from it, find someone who’d take care of it and mend it back together with their love. It’s worth it. Every ounce of love is meant to be felt, explored, and envisioned with. So stop wasting time being afraid and go out there and find the type of love that makes your heart race and your mind go insane.

I should've slept in.

Let's start over as strangers again and maybe I'll walk away this time.

It's fallish


I ate a whole tin of cheese yesterday

I'm sick. And I can finally breathe out of my nostrils. Wow nostrils is a weird words..

You ever just get in bed and ur like yep this is where i’m meant to be.

My favorite place, the drive through •When I look at you, I swear I see a city full of beautiful bright lights and opportunities. I see so much life behind your eyes that I almost want to live, just to see where your streets will take me. Like cities often do you have a past, but you carry it as if it has no weight and I can’t help but admire how you do that. 
But when you look at me I can’t help but wonder if you see what I do. An old worn down town, the lights on its one diner left slowly flickering out. Do you see the abandonment? Can you tell how many people have come just to leave? Ran through me, straight to another destination, not bothering to see what I can offer? Do you see that despite how much I try and conceal it, can you see that I’m just a deserted town that others pass through just to get to someplace better?

Lately I'm changing like the seasons.

•Houston Food bank

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