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Rayn  🔘Hoop🔘 👠Pole👠 🧘‍♀️Yoga🧘‍♀️ 😽Kitty Mom😽 ❤️I love my @a.space.monkey❤️ I’m gonna dance with my hands above my head like Jesus said 🙌 💕liberaté mi amor💕

🌚🥀Moontime Magic🥀🌚

My bleeding has synced with the New Moon...🌑🙌 I have had intense PMS and period symptoms since my teen years. Throughout this last year, I’ve been approaching my bleeding through a spiritual lens versus focusing on my physical and mental attitudes towards my time of the month. I’ve learned that the body with a womb, that bleeds for days yet does not die, has the potential for heightened metaphysical strength and enlightenment during the time of menses. I have begun doing my own rituals while I am on my moon, experimenting with different activities, and I’ve discovered sacred blood magic via honoring the elements and creating what has anciently been known and regarded as an “elixir of immortality”. I am not the only one finding power in this practice...others like @tantric.alchemy are also reclaiming the power of our wombs, and the life we have the ability to create through our blood. If you are curious about my practice, feel free to DM me. I have several articles on the topic I can share with you as well ❤️

I got to witness my amazing, beautiful friend @fmleighed and her gentleman, sweetheart of a husband @js.farris get married!! It was a magical ceremony, just like the love they have for each other ❤️ love you two so much and am so excited to see what your future has in store 💕 Thank you for having me and @timbuel here to celebrate your special day!!

We made a quick stop in Flagstaff and it started snowing! Only for about fifteen minutes...just enough time to walk in from the parking lot, use the bathroom, then head back out. The other people outside didn’t expect it, either...everyone seemed surprised... Shortly after the accident, I wrote a poem about Jake, Amber, Madi and Tom, in which I described them as being snowflakes...snowflakes that somehow found their way to my location, landed on me, and melted into my skin. It doesn’t snow in Los Angeles, it’s rare for me to see it ACTUALLY snowing, I can go to places and play in snow but not be underneath it as it falls. Yet, unexpectedly on a quick road trip stop, with the sun still out, I had snowflakes on my clothes, in my hair, on my body. I can’t help but think they had a little something to do with it ❤️❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️ love you all so much. Magic is everywhere if you let yourself believe it 💕

Phoenix sunset ❤️ thanks for capturing me @timbuel 💋

So grateful being your gypsy queen #myhero #mcm #mce #sexyhusband 💋💋💋

The back of my head is ridiculous 🙌

It’s funny how grief can reignite old passions. I love to write and sing, but I’ve neglected my guitar playing for years. I started taking lessons at 15, took a class in high school as well, but told myself I’d never learn to sing and play at the same time...but Jake wouldn’t be cool with that. Jake sang while he played and didn’t care if it sounded perfect or not. So here I am, doing something I love that I put aside for far too long, and I have a feeling the guitar and I are getting back together ❤️🎸

You have been on my mind everyday, but especially today, a day of celebrating women, my mind is filled with memories...I flashback to screaming at monsters at Halloween Horror Nights while our men “kinda” protected us 😹 That empty Mexican restaurant in Vegas where the bartender poured shots in our mouths 🥂 Or when I, with the help of Tim and Jake, played a prank on Madi that went too far and you tried not to yell at us because you were scared Madi wouldn’t sleep that night 😳Getting drunk at Dave and Buster’s and sneaking into a bathroom stall so we could show each other our boobs 🙈😉 When you came over and we went to the hookah place across the street, and when we found out they had a full bar, we drank lots of vodka cocktails, smoked and talked for hours 🍹That girls night I told you how badly I want to sing, but how insecure I felt, and you wouldn’t have it, you said no matter what, we are family, and you would ALWAYS believe in me ❤️ your bachelorette party...pole dancing, mechanical bull riding, hookah, and dancing the night away at the club 💃 your beautiful wedding, the BBQs and hooping in your backyard, the times I vented about things I felt judged for...being proud of my body, wearing what I want, being adventurous, even scandalous, you never said “be careful”, it was always GO FOR IT...and you wanted to hear all about it later 🙌You are one of the most beautiful woman to ever walk this planet, inside and out. You relentlessly loved my brother, Madison, and everyone else in your life. You kept secrets, gave me laughter, and were truly and always will be my sister. You’d tell me when you did my lashes that most people fell asleep, but I didn’t, we just talked for hours because we WANTED to. The last time you did them, you refused to let me pay, exclaiming MERRY CHRISTMAS while giving me a huge hug. On Christmas, you offered to make me a drink, and of course I requested a refill because you knew how to create the best concoctions. I miss you so much. You were someone I could go to for reassurance as I transitioned from an old me to a new me, and I am so grateful. #happyinternationalwomensday to all the women in my life. Amber, I love you so much❤️

Cool girl hair 💁‍♀️😼😉

All the selfies! 🍑🙌 loving my new hair, thanks to @shurie (color) and @doug_theo (cut) THANK YOU MAGIC PEOPLE!! ❤️💇‍♀️🎨🌈

I’ve told this story before...but the last time @timbuel and I saw my brother Jake and our niece Madi, it was Christmas, we were having a family get together, and Tim and I snuck away for a bit to sing and play guitar in my brother’s bedroom. I told Tim, “Let’s play Joanne”. And a few moments later, Jake and Madi came into the room, and they silently listened to us play. They stayed until we finished, and Madi clapped so hard while Jake said, “Wow. That was so beautiful”. At the memorial, my brother @jmhill127 and my husband @timbuel played guitar while I sang with my sister @duhnayyylee ❤️ It was an honor to come together with family, in our greatest sorrow, and to perform music that has spoken to my heart, is helping me through this time of loss, and I hope it is helping others, too. Music truly heals. Thank you @ladygaga for writing this song. I never knew how much it would mean to me until this experience. Thank you to everyone supporting us. I know we will all still love them, even if we can’t see them anymore...

Flowing to the music of Mother Nature 🌧💦🌎

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