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TheraBreath  - Bad Breath? Garlic Breath? Stinky Breath? Breath eay. For every problem a mouth might have, there's TheraBreath.

Avast, it be the Dread Pirate TheraBreath! They say that no bad breath bacteria who meet this deadly privateer live to tell the tale.
Arrrrrrr, ye need to be heading to if ye be wanting to save yerself from the scourge of halitosis.


It's time for another thrilling chapter in the world adventures of TheraBreath!
Today, the PLUS Travel Oral Rinse is in Tokyo, Japan, where it's oxygenating compounds can help people freshen their breath before their morning commute.

At the beginning of the week, TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse took over as part of Employee/Boss Exchange Day. As it happens, today is Hug Your Boss Day, and Dr. Katz wanted Fresh Breath Oral Rinse to know that all is forgiven.

Today is Boss/Employee Exchange Day, and TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse wants Dr. Katz to know there's going to be some CHANGES around the office today.

Today is Buy a Book Day! We wanted to support one of Los Angeles' fine independent bookstores, so we took TheraBreath's oxygenating compounds for a field trip to @lastbookstorela.
Head over to for more information, and pick up a new book today!

As proud Los Angeles residents, we occasionally like to showcase the beauty of our home city from time to time. We recently took the oxygenating power of Fresh Breath Oral Rinse to a local National Historic Landmark: the Hollyhock House!

Breath... BAD! TheraBreath... GOOD!

Happy Frankenstein Day! TheraBreath's bad breath fighting power is proven by clinical science, just not... mad science!

The name is... Breath. TheraBreath. We've got a license to kill bad breath germs with our patented oxygenating compounds.

We received a lovely gift from Coach Gregg Williams of the Cleveland Browns today!
We appreciate it, but helping was its own reward, Coach Gregg. We hope you enjoyed our TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges!
#freshbreath #hbo #hardknocks #clevelandbrowns

"Doc, this is heavy. My mom won't kiss my dad when his breath is this bad!" "Don't worry Marty, with TheraBreath's oxygenating compounds, there's still time to save your parents and your future!" #backtothefuture #freshbreath @blastftp

Happy World Bratwurst Day!
We visited @wurstkuche in scenic Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate and show you some ways you can serve TheraBreath alongside your favorite sausages.

Worried that you might have bad breath? Well, you can either wait for Dr. Katz to come by to test it with a Halimeter, or follow one of our six tried and true methods:

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