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Liz  🌿Simple Living in the Midwest🌿 Fresh air, sunshine, & coffee☕️ #archivingthedays ✉️ Beginning homeschooled ebook at:

The two little ones are in their room dressing all of their stuffed animals in red, pink, and hearts. Liam is taking a math test and she’s reading. We’ve had a few really tough years in homeschooling, but this year has been a sweet encouragement to me. If you’re in a tough spot... just keep going. ☺️ It’ll get better. ❤️

Cheers to being (almost) half way done with another week. ☕️

It’s a gloomy Monday. The sun peeked out for a moment and quickly disappeared behind the fog and winter weather. I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from this space lately. Maybe it’s the winter getting the best of me. Or, maybe it’s a sign that I just need to step away altogether. I’m not sure. Instagram is such a fun place for me. It’s inspiring and i love connecting with mamas and sharing our life, but even good things have boundaries, and I’m trying to find where that boundary is for me. ☺️ I’m not doing great at responding to comments at the moment. Please, don’t think that i don’t appreciate or read them... I’m simply taking a step back for now. ❤️

Good books, good coffee, and some sunshine. ☺️ We have had lots of gloomy mornings here lately and every time the sun comes out, I am so excited about it. The gloom makes the sunshine feel even more special. ☺️ Before we hit the ground running and finish up our school week, I wanted to share a new handmade/family owned shop @manzanitahive. They made these beautiful serving trays and also do kids toys @manzanitakids.

Small changes. We are adding a little built in into our dining room nook. I’m hoping it’ll look original to the house and add a bit of old world charm. ☺️ I’m excited to have some space to store all of our school things so I’m not having to constantly go up and down the stairs to the schoolroom to grab stuff.

Morning sun... it never goes unnoticed by me... neither does the wrinkled bedding that was nice and taut prior to a sweet little someone rolling all around atop it. ☺️

Waking up to -9° (without wind chill), throwing on my wool sweater, and drinking my coffee like a typical Midwesterner in winter. I’m also trying to explain to my kids that we are doing school, despite all of the local schools being closed, because I’d rather us enjoy the warm weather later on than waste a day cooped up inside. 😆 PS. This sweater was my winter project. It was so fun to knit and is nice and warm. Having a creative project helps me with my winter blues. @weareknitters

Happy Monday! We have some sun today and it is so welcomed. ☺️ We also have some fun changes coming to this room here in the near future. 🙌🏻 With homeschooling, things and needs change, and I try to be flexible and shift when things need to shift. A few years ago, we needed a designated homeschool room. The schoolwork was getting hard and my older two needed a quiet space to do school. Now that the little girls are older and doing school with us, our needs have shifted again. Everyone is back at the dining table doing school together. 😄 That means this room has to shift a bit to meet our needs. I will share more as things happen. ☺️❤️ Have you noticed shifts in your homeschool as the kids’ ages have changed??

Guys, it’s Thursday. We have almost made it to the weekend! 😆 Thursdays are my meal planning days. I thought about videoing it and sharing how I keep my meals organized. It’s super archaic 📝 and boring, but maybe I will share it anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do you meal plan???

We woke up to a deep blanket of snow. I fed the kids, sipped some coffee, and then headed out to scoop our driveway. Now, here I am, no makeup on and tangled hair... sharing a T that was sent to me as a sweet gesture from my favorite T-shirt company (not sponsored... I just adore this shop). I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday. We are slowly knocking out school and I will be rolling oils on my back the rest of the day. 😆 The best part about shoveling??? When Mark gets home and sees it all scooped. 🤗😁

We squeezed in front of my bedroom mirror yesterday after church... right before we all got in our comfy clothes... and snapped this picture. ☺️ I started a hashtag #archivingthedays and I’d love for you to join in! Snap photos of you with your kids. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just get in the photo with them and share it via the hashtag so we can all encourage one another that some day our kids will be so happy we did this. ☺️❤️

Unfinished Projects. We cleaned our house, pizza dough is rising for supper, the winter storm is headed our way and I’m planning on finishing this long over due project. ☺️ What are your weekend plans??

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