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Liz  🌿Simple Living in the Midwest🌿 Fresh air, sunshine, & coffee ☕️ ✉️ Beginning homeschooled ebook at:

She is my little shadow. We were getting ready to head to the pool and she said that her “figgie-toes” were tired and she needed me to carry her. ☺️ She’s as sweet as sugar, this one. ❤️

Sitting outside eating breakfast. Tomorrow I head home to squeeze my people. I can’t wait!

This was from last week. Nevertheless, it resembles this week quite nicely, too.

In my stories today... a recipe and a pile of laundry. ☺️ I thrifted this oval picture this week with the kiddos. I’ve been on the hunt for this exact picture, but haven’t found it at a good price... until this week. Now, I just need to find a vintage utility cart to go under it. ☺️ Decorating this home has been a very slow process and I have had to practice restraint (I love decorating 😬🙈) which has been good for me to do. So if you feel like your home is a slow work in progress- me too. ☺️👊🏻

Reading on the patio, swimming lessons, and neighborhood walks are on the agenda today. This is our one day of rest in amongst many days of busyness, so I’m going to soak it all in.

Two posts in one day?!?! Who am I? 😂 #breakingalloftheIGrules

She had dress rehearsal for her dance recital yesterday. I can’t believe how much she’s grown in this last year. My once shy, “never wanting to be in front of people” girl is now so excited to perform her dance and she doesn’t even care that she will be on a stage in front of hundreds of people. We were so hesitant to put her into dance, but she truly loves it and I’ve seen her overcome so many fears to get to this point and it has made it all worth it. ☺️

Homeschool life. When we started homeschooling years ago, our mindset was “one year at a time,” but after 6 years of this gig, we’ve finally moved into it being our lifestyle. We no longer question if it’s right for us at the end of every year. There are pros and cons to every decision, but this moment right here is a pretty big pro for me. ☺️

Thursday thoughts. I really- like REALLY- want to chop my hair off, but the Midwest humidity is telling me that cutting it now would be a bad decision. Chia pet, anyone??? 😜 Also, I love a clean house and fresh flowers. ❤️

Waking to flowers that were foraged from our yard and I’m not mad about it one bit. ☺️ We got some well-needed rain last night and two of the kiddos are still asleep. Summer, I’m pretty smitten by you (or, should I say Spring). I shared that vase yesterday in my stories. It’s thrifted from @willabeevintage. ☺️

Today we start summer school. I’m flipping pancakes and the kids are already outside swinging.

Sweet Summertime. Mornings spent at the pool followed by long naps in the air conditioning.

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