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Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the kitchen prepping for Christmas morning. One thing that helps me greatly is to take 1-2 items/day in the weeks leading up to Christmas and prep them so I’m not frazzled when family and activities start rolling in. I actually really love throwing on music and baking the afternoons away. Yesterday was biscuits (for biscuits and gravy) and Chex mix. I shared my biscuit recipe on my blog, if you are interested. These are fluffy and have layers to them just like you want with biscuits and gravy. They are SO good and very easy. ☺️ In the meantime, what are your food plans for Christmas? Do you have any traditions that your family does???

I woke up today thinking it was Friday... 🤨. Yesterday was full of baking and schooling and I must have lost track of time. 😌

I was talking with a friend this morning about how, every now and then, I have to put my blinders on and focus only on what’s inside of these walls. I need less distraction, less inspiration from others, less places to hurry to. This week has been so refreshing for me, so simplifying. I’m working on my heart- being a biblical wife and mama. I’m working on appreciating what I already have- not craving more things, even when they might be beautiful and lovely. I’m working on a lot of little things that seem to be adding up to a lot of amazing things.

The wind is blowing outside and the autumn light is a bit softer today than usual. I’m slowly working on completing our handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family. I’m rolling beeswax candles like a madwoman (it is so relaxing, actually), cooling our Candy cane lip balms in the fridge, and waiting on our kitchen twine to be delivered so we can string some orange garlands. ☺️ I am also going to try my hand at some jarred beeswax candles later this week, so let me know if you want me to share about that if they turn out. 🎁

Flashback. In case you were wondering, this was the moment when we had that “this tree looked smaller in the field than it does in the family room” thought. 😂 I’m just hoping the cat doesn’t send it crashing over as she uses the truck for a scratching post. 🙈

I spent the afternoon rolling beeswax candles for myself and for gift giving while watching Poldark on @amazon. I don’t want too much tv regularly, but gift prepping and wrapping just lead to tv watching and I always look forward to the fire and television going while I wrap. 🎁 Anyway, if you are looking for a descent series that doesn’t make you cringe or blush every five minutes, Poldark is a good one. 👌🏻

We are headed to get our light fixture for over our kitchen table when Mark gets home, so she went in my bathroom to primp. ☺️ Who knows... maybe we’ll catch some Christmas lights along the way. It’ll just be nice to get out of the house as a family.

Tree picking. We RARELY get pictures of all of us, especially with pleasant faces and everyone looking towards the camera. It’s like an early Christmas gift to me. 🤣 🌲

This is basically how every morning has started since we brought the tree home. All of the kids gather around and point out each ornament that’s theirs.🎄 The skirt is also littered with oodles of letters and toddler/kid wrapped gifts for cousins. I’m pretty sure Guinnyth even wrapped up a baby pacifier for one of her cousins. 🤣 Merry Christmas! 🎁

It’s cloudy and blowing like crazy outside. We have twinkle lights on and beeswax candles glowing and are preparing to start our advent activity while we listen to, “Old Granny Fox.” Monday, you’re not so bad.

I love standing back and watching my kids... taking them all in... remembering all of their little habits, like her standing with her belly sticking out and sucking her fingers. ☺️

A simple Christmas. I have a list going of several things I want to implement just for December. We have so many exciting gatherings planned and I don’t like feeling as if the season rushed by once it’s all over, so I made a list of a few things I want to do daily/weekly to help the month seem a bit more intentional. They are all simple things: knit one project throughout the month while I watch the kiddos play, listen to a book on tape as a family, bake something each week, put a puzzle together, etc. They are all normal things, but I hope they will help keep the hustle and bustle at bay. Do you have anything you want to implement this month? Maybe there’s something else I need to add to my list. ☺️

You turn ten today. I remember your newborn days like it was yesterday. I remember your newborn nights like it was yesterday, too. Me pacing the halls, bouncing you like crazy, both of us crying. You crying because you were, well... a baby. Me crying because I needed refining- the selfishness of my heart was astounding. Then, after many sleepless nights of pacing and rocking, I sat with you fussing in my arms at 2 am... me feeling sorry for myself... and I realized what this motherhood thing was about. It was about being poured out for the sake of someone else. Daily. Hourly. Forever. Reminds me so much of the gospel, except my “pouring out” is imperfect and I need refining over and over. You gently prepared me to serve you and your siblings. You were forgiving when my selfishness snuck back in. You are worth all of the sleepless nights. Thank you, sweet Ella, for being the vessel God used to wring me out. You are truly a blessing.

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