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When the yard has been freshly mowed and the morning dew has soaked the clippings, a foot bath is to be expected. ☺️

We are enjoying this cloudy Monday by reading about all kinds of moths, which Ella is obsessed with. Today feels extra cozy and makes me wish fall would get here quick.

Finishing my coffee and then finishing our first week of school. ☺️ Starting next week, I'll be packing up our home. Putting things that I carefully picked out for this home away in boxes and preparing for the next home. Here's the thing, I pray that my heart is guarded against materialism. I don't want to covet everything my eyes see, but I also want to love my home and the way it feels. Do you have this dilemma??? This home has been such a good example to me of how small details can make all of the difference. My hangings from @vol25, my bamboo blinds from @selectblinds, and the photos from @rachelottmann made such a difference in this place. You don't have to have a lot of stuff to cozy up a place. They just have to be carefully selected and little goes a long way. ☺️

We survived Monday. 😂 Our first day went so well and the routine was a breath of fresh air for me. ☺️ I used to wish that I was a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl, but I'm just not and I'm beginning to appreciate the more structured side of my personality. I had soooo many DMs yesterday with tons of questions about all things related to homeschooling. I thought about hopping on a live video and answering some questions sometime this week, if it would be helpful. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You let me know! 😉☺️

Our morning... I always video the first moments of our First Day of School. I love looking back on them. ☺️❤️

The obligatory "first day of school" picture. ☺️ I'll cherish these corney photos when I'm old and gray. I shared snippets of our morning + my playlist in my stories for those interested. ☺️❤️Happy Monday!

What is it about Sunday afternoons that makes us all so sleepy... even the kitty? 😴

My second cup of coffee. 55 degree mornings. Indoor forts until the dewy grass dries. Last weekend before our new school year begins. ☺️📚

Her last sink bath in this house. She's too big for it, but she loves playing in it, so we keep pouring her into it. ☺️

Cracking the windows open to let fall temps flood our home in July... yes, please! 🙋🏼 Happy Monday. ☀️

I still have some time before the entire house needs to be packed up, but doing little things right now is helping me not feel so overwhelmed with the thought of moving and homeschooling. 🙈 Our curriculum is on its way and we are starting back up on August 7th so I won't feel so pinched during the move in September. When do all of your kiddos start school back up?? Top from: @shopfancyfree
Hat from: @gigipip

We woke to gloomy skies and a steady shower of rain. It seemed like the perfect day for coffee and a cozy sweater. Next up... play-doh.

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