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👑 Miss Alisha Love ✨  She was in love, but not just in love with someone or something; she was in love with her life. ❤️Teach Love, Be Love, Spread love❤️

Booking last minute flights to LA for tomorrow. SO EXCITED!

Who is from America or is in America right now?
What’s your FAVOURITE thing to do in or around LA?
I hope I get to bump into some you amazing people ❤️✨ Lots of love and many blessings, Alisha xx

What an amazing experience it was to connect my entire body to mother earths raw beauty. The Australian red dirt covering my entire body. The glorious father sun shining down on me, smiling. Disconnecting from the matrix and connecting with source. For that moment I was present and completely alive! Oh the euphoria!
In this ridiculous society structure that was made purely to control the masses we have formed a horrible “rule” of wearing clothes to cover our beautiful, unique bodies instead of releasing judgment and seeing people for who they are on the inside not how our bodies look on the outside.
We wear shoes all the time instead of realising the amazing life changing power of going bare foot and releasing the built up stagnant energy which can only be done through something called: EARTHING. Almost everything we have been told growing up is a lie. We didn’t choose to born into the culture, religion, gender or set of rules we currently live by. The second we are born we are told who we are and what that means and how to be it.

Understand that you have the ability to release all of these structures and like a Phoenix rebuild yourself, new, from the ashes of what you’ve been told.

Either way it’s your choice what you do and don’t do, who you are and are not, what you think and don’t think.

Be free, be you; authentic + unapologetic. ❤️

Ditch the New Years resolutions!
To resolve means to find a solution to a problem.
You are NOT a problem.
The way you showed up for your life the past year was necessary for your growth.
Now is a time to reflect.
To learn.
To create an intention,a positive call to shift, a spark of magic + manifestation rooted in self love and baked with action! ✨💙

✨ “I am at peace” ✨
Today you are a new person.
Relax, and free your thoughts of all stresses and pressure.
No person, no place, no thing can irritate or annoy you.
You are at peace.
You are a free person living in a world that is a reflection of your own love and understanding.
You are not against anything.
You are for everything that will improve the quality of your life.
You use your words and thoughts as tools to shape your future.
You express gratitude often, and look for things to be thankful for.
You are relaxed.
You live a peaceful life.

Relax and enjoy life. Know that whatever you need to know is revealed to you in the perfect time/space sequence.

So many people FIGHT to keep the body hidden whereas just like what we learned with legalising alcohol once something becomes accepted into society as a whole then more structures come into place to keep EVERYONE safe and happy. If you want to to go drink you can go to a liquor store, bar, club and many other places have drinking areas. The point is that if we legalise nudity then more structures will come into place like creating more places for people to be nude in.
You don’t want to see naked people, SWEET, don’t go to those specific places.
If you DO want to be nude then SWEET, go to the designated areas.
It shouldn’t be such a shit fight to just embrace our bodies especially in non sexual ways like just hanging at the beach.

We shouldn’t be fighting about the can or can not we should be coming together to create a safe place for everyone to be FREE in.
Nudity empowers some.
Modesty empowers some.
Different things empower different people and it’s no one business telling anyone which one they SHOULD be.

It is all our responsibility to love our way to a better tomorrow and create a safe, nurturing world for our future children to grow up in.
Comment below if you agree!

Connecting with nature 💚

Nature is a stress killer and offers a cascade of benefits, including;
💚 Rejuvenated physical energy
🌲 Faster physical recovery
💚 Reduced anxiety
🌲 Reduced muscle tension
💚 Decreased stress hormones .
🌲 Heightened immunity
💚 Lower heart rate
🌲 Decreased blood pressure .
💚 Better cholesterol
Make sure to walk bare foot on the ground so you can connect with source. We carry a lot of stagnant energy in our bodies and constantly are wearing shoes, walking on concrete etc

Think of when you drag your feet along the ground to build up static electricity then ✨ZAP✨ an unsuspecting friend. That’s exactly what is happening with nature!

We build up a lot of energy/electricity in our bodies on the daily and the only true way to release it is to connect bare foot to the earth. The earth acts as a filter of energy for our bodies. Sucks the static energy out and replenishes us.

If your completely spiritual or not at all it doesn’t matter, SCIENCE proves what the heart, mind and body feel.
So the best Christmas present you can give to the ones you love is get their shoes off and get them connected to the earth. Even just for 10 minutes and you WILL all feel the amazing rejuvenating power of Mother Earths love! 💚🎄

Don’t compare your life to others.
There’s no comparison between the ☀️ Sun and the 🌙 Moon. They shine when it’s their time.

I started with a mission to help others, to stop the pain and suffering and bring in more light and love into the world. I felt that it was my duty and responsibility to share with the collective, what I have learned through my own experiences and believe me they where not easy. It's when we pierce our souls through the suffering and enter a stage of being and consciousness that we truly find our paths to enlightenment. It is when we cut our karmic bonds, to things and those that are here to teach us a great, but often painful lesson, that we truly emancipate from the illusion that life is. If we could see life as a movie, objectively and accept that life happens for us and not against us, we find the beauty and essence. We should not concern ourselves on what we expect life and others to give us, but rather focus on what we can give the world. As soon as we release the need of wanting and desiring that which we cannot control, and dive deep in service to our souls and the collective consciousness, we experience true Love. I will be forever grateful to @instagram and this amazing platform that has united me with my soul family that is spread out throughout the world. Every heart and comment, every share and story, means the world to me. I read all comments and I try my best to respond where I feel response is needed. It is in fact me that is blessed, for if my words have helped at least one person in this world, it is a true blessing from the Universe. I love you all from the bottom of my soul ✨💙🌈

No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams! 🙅🏼‍♀️ Please share with me your stories below of how your living your dream. How your dreams have become a reality! ✨

That shit sets my soul on fire and makes me burn so bright with joy and happiness! 🔥😄

Consider this question.
Have you ever tried something that you knew would be unpleasant... just to feel what it was like?
For example; touching something that shocks you, eating bizarre food, touching something hot, poking yourself.
If your answer was yes, consider what you just acknowledged: that even painful experiences can be worthwhile because it is just that... An experience!

Accept yourself as you are. To do so is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. From the very beginning you have been told how you should be: nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are. ❤️ I love and appreciate all of you for exactly who you are 😘
Love and light my fellow beings ✨

Here’s a little post for my male supporters ❤️ Woman love being right, .
all the time, .
about everything .
buuuut what’s worse is a zombie with no original thoughts or opinions of their own. .
Stay true to yourself, that’s what’s truly sexy 👌🏽❤️ .

If a woman suggests something that changes a man’s perspective, then he should make a new decision based on his new perspective. But he should never betray his own deepest knowledge and intuition in order to please his woman or “go along” with her. Both she and he will be weakened by such an action. They will grow to resent each other, and the crust of accumulated inauthenticity will burden their love, as well as their capacity for free action. .

You should always listen to your woman, and then make your own decision. If you choose to go with your woman’s suggestion even when deep in your heart you feel that another decision is more wise, you are, in effect, saying, “I don’t trust my own wisdom”. .

You are weakening yourself by telling yourself this. .

You are weakening your woman’s trust in you .

Why should she trust your wisdom if even you don’t? .

Self love especially in the form of meditation is a powerful thing that is not bias to any age, gender, religion, nationality! .

I dare you, my brothers, to feel, truly feel all that you have stored away. Become acquainted with yourself, love him, and fight to be the best version he can be! .

A numb zombie isn’t sexy, however, a guy who is in tune with his inner self and true to themselves, that fine ass stuff will last forever ❤️

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