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  Lots of music. A lotta. Hella.

Rinse your brewer every so often. To avoid viscosity-breakdown. (😂 Who remembers that OG Castor Oil commercial?)

He went coast-2-coast w/a slight head-juke & the #SundaySlam #iguodala #9 #DubsUp🏆👐🔵👐🔵

Love this backyard! #stockton

They gœn learn today!

He's gettin there. Gotta start schooling him on how "cool& #34; it is to chauffeur your pops around. #early ✊🏽😐

On the Wu-Tang bus number 63 / had my big beat box and I was jammin da beat! #36chambers #WuTang 👐oo! 👐oo! 👐oo! #doyouthinkyourwutangswordcandefeatme shyaaaawah!!!

Had a little introspective moment listening to the beginning of this chapter. What motivated the humor in this post was aLLLLL the "fake people" meme's and "loyalty / small circle" advice. Over & over & over again and d-gain & d-gain. I'm sure folks looooove to keep it 💯x💯 w/ "the group" .....but, we see ya. Keep pushin😂 (forward, that is.) 🏆 The lens🎥is a cold killa. #SidneyPoitier #TheMeasureOfaMan #audiobook

Caught my little whipper-snapper w/good lighting from outside. While pouncing uponst me, seen his peepers w/that cool gray-glare. Had to. 📸No filter. #YoungEnzo

These kids, I tell ya! chocolate. Zeeky & Enzo. Material for days.

He was practicing Kung-Fu kicks for some reason. Over & over again across from this bench we sat on. I really like this action shot of the Zeekers. #youngzeeky👑

Yesterday...Me & my compadré (Rob), Baby Averie, Young Zeeky & Enzo on an outing to the Cal Academy of Sciences. Cool experience w/the kids (they loved the animals & exhibits but I was def looking for more of a wow-factor from the place.) Have to check out the Exploratorium. Anybody care to drop cool places to visit, for the kiddies in the comment section...feel free.

#Zeekers some random passerby asked me if she could take pics of him doing Kung-fu kicks. She also got this shot of the tyke.

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