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In 110 degree Fahrenheit heat. Why? Because he can’t see very well.
It looks like they never cared anyway.
With my whole being I want to get this boy and help him and love him and show him his worth.
The challenge??
He is in INDIA.
Another continent.
Across the ocean.
I don’t know anyone in India but I didn’t know anyone in Iran either ... and this boy reminds me of CHANCE.
There is a reason I saw that someone tagged me in his photo. I rarely get to see tags because they get lost in constantly updates notifications. But I saw him. And once I see a pug suffering I won’t stop till I have exhausted every option of reaching that pug. Anywhere in the world. He needs us.
Please wish me luck!! 🙏💙
#NoPugLeftAbandoned #TPQOnAMissionImpossible

6 hours later I am home, DAHLIA is safe, she has her first puppy shots, she got dewormed, she got eye medicine to hold her over until we see a specialist, her belly is full, she has a new soft bed and blanket and she is setting in for the night. Thank you to my friends Amy @pizzathepug & Joey @joeybrezinski who agreed foster her on such short notice (despite swearing they won’t foster again after they recently “failed” with Sam 😆). There aren’t a lot of people whose house you can show up at 8pm with a tiny puppy with an intense eye injury. And who will feed you amazing @beyondmeat #vegan tacos while you are there. Thank you!
Thank you all for donations to help her and for your support. We will do all we can for her eye, to get her to grow strong and healthy (you can see just how tiny she is next to my feet - I’m only a 6.5), and find her an amazing forever home.
I am exhausted.
Sweet dreams everyone. 🖤💫 #SavingDahlia

URGENT!! JUST RESCUED!! Barely 9 week-old puppy weighing 1.7 pounds with a major eye injury. I think the eye has ruptured already and I don’t think we can save vision in it. But I am rushing her straight to the vet. Also breeder could not afford vaccines so taking her for her first puppy shots ASAP.
She is the most precious little girl and as much as I would love to bring her home I can’t because the other puppies are sick and I can’t risk any airborne contanimation. She will be going to a temporary foster tonight but I may need a foster for her, stay tuned!
If you would like to donate to her medical care - vaccines, eye specialist visit, meds, etc., please donate PayPal or Venmo The Pug Queen or on our website THANK YOU!! Welcome Baby Dahlia, we are going to do all we can for you sweetheart!! 🖤🖤🖤

HAPPY TUESDAY FROM BABY SHARK & THE SHARKETTES! Aka Penny Lane, Iris, and Camellia. 💗💗💗
The girls are doing well except for an upper respiratory infection. They all had runny watery noses when they arrived and were started in antibiotics right away. The nasal discharge turned more opaque so I took them in for a nebulizer treatment yesterday (last photo) to help dry up the mucous and help them breathe.
They are kept completely isolated and away from all the other pugs - I converted the guest room/pug storage into a big play pen for them. I expect them to recover soon, but please keep them in your prayers. They are not vaccinated and we can’t vaccinate them until they get better so it’s a catch 22 right now.
They are picky eaters though - they were being fed big adult kibble of the worst kind - Beneful, and are just learning to eat the right puppy foods. If you want to send them some new ones to try - I’m trying it all! Visit our Amazon Wishlist - LINK IN BIO.
Thank you again for all your love and support! I am so happy that they are no longer in a filthy cage in a filthy small shed that is hot and cold and covered in feces. When I put them in their play pen they did not know what toys were, what beds were, what anything was .. Penny was glad to show them and share her things. She was over the moon happy to welcome them but quickly let them know she’s the boss lol. I am happy and grateful to see their excitement and to know they now have a future! 💗💗💗 #PennyAndTheSharkettes

Chandler has yet to be formally introduced into American society so he will be hosting a party, ERR, a MEET & GREET for himself and all his fellow adoptable pugs @doggietahiti!
Special Edition WATERMELON PUGTINIS will be served featuring Ciroc Watermelon which is not yet available in stores! As well as Non- alcoholic Watermelon Spritzers.
So come meet ADORABLE new pugs who are looking for their Forever Homes and enjoy some watermelon refreshments and fresh fruit!
April 28, 2019
12pm - 3pm
Doggie Tahiti
5915 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036.
A 10 Entry Donation.
We look forward to seeing you all at another fun pug event! ❤️🍉 + 🐾🐾

The two girls from the cage I posted the other day. The two girls that were meant to stay there their whole life just to be bred over and over. Two little girls who YOU, with your tax-deductible donation, helped me save. Two girls who are sick and need our help and care.
Two girls who came from the same cafe Penny Lane was once in - they are her half SISTERS. Yes. I am working on something but it won’t be easy and while I will do my best to save many other lives I don’t know what will happen and we won’t discuss it now. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this little EASTER MIRACLE.
Thank you all for making THIS moment happen.
Happy Easter.
Happy Passover.
Happy Sunday. 💗💗💗 #BabySharkAndTheSharkettes #PennyIrisAndCamellia

Trying to sneak PENNY LANE into my Easter basket! In Polish tradition on Holy Saturday we take a basket of foods such as eggs and bread, salt - foods that symbolize life, renewal, purification, hope to be blessed. I think #BabyShark represents all that too and since she doesn’t want to get out of the basket .. maybe I can sneak her in .. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #MyLittleBlessing #HappyEaster #WesołychŚwiat #Święconka #VegetarianEaster #VeganEaster

IF I TOLD YOU .. that I could rescue 2 female pug puppies from living in a filthy cage, which is kept in a filthy shed, who are destined to stay there forever and be bred over and over ... would you help me save them from this life of misery?
I pray you answer yes. If so please help by donating via PayPal or Venmo The Pug Queen or on our website
It’s Good Friday today.
Let’s do something GOOD together. 🙏❤️❤️ #FreedomIsntFree #ChangingTheWorldTwoPugsAtATime

Maddie now POPPY, and her boy Jace aka #TheLittlePugKing and her sister MaKenna are now on Instagram: @im_poppy_the_pug! Let’s show them some love! If you missed that adorable adoption surprise check out 6th post back! 💗💙💗 #ThePugQueenPugsTakingOverIG

Abigail and her dad Rob came by this weekend to see if their (his!) pug Mila who recently lost her pug sibling would get along with any of the pugs. I wasn’t even planning on introducing them to Jonnie because she was scheduled for a hernia surgery and a major dental this week. But somehow Jonnie snuck out of the house and straight into Abigail’s lap. They looked at each other and I think the deal was sealed. Minutes after I got home with Jonnie from the hospital, Abigail was here with her dad to ADOPT Jonnie!
I can’t help but cry happy tears for this precious girl. She, Annie, and Luna, came from the most horrific puppy mill in Korea. They spent their whole life in filthy cages their little feet never touching ground. I was supposed to get 2 out of the 3 girls - 1 had heartworm and was going to stay behind. But she came by “mistake” or more like divine intervention. That was Jonnie. It took months to treat and kill the heartworms. Horrific toxic meds. Scary possibilities. I didn’t know we would get through it in one piece but I would not stop fighting for her happy ending. She was finally cleared in January. Then had several complications which doctors could not figure out despite me spending thousands of dollars on tests - it was probably the worm die off. This hernia repair & dental were the last things I needed to do for her. I never imagined that the moment I did, she would already have loving arms waiting for her.
Jonnie has been through hell and back. She has never wanted anything but a lap to snuggle in. And finally. MONTHS later. She has that. I cannot describe the happiness I feel for Jonnie. Tears. Thank you Abigail, and thank you to your awesome parents Kathy & Rob who raised you with pugs and instilled that love early on. Wishing you all many healthy and happy years together! Tomorrow I will tell you about Annie’s & Luna’s happy endings. Tonight, FINALLY all 3 of the girls from that horrific cage are sleeping in their own loving homes. 💕 #JonniesHappyEnding

SHORTIE was spayed today and had quite a few teeth pulled out. She is whimpering in discomfort despite the pain medications and I cannot bring myself to do any work because I just want to comfort her .. massaging her head and holding those paws - the shortest pug legs in the whole world.
I usually do at least a couple spay and neuter surgeries a week. I don’t post about it because I do it so much but just know that most days are spent driving to many untold vet appointment, surgeries for which no money is raised, and many nights with little sleep spent comforting these babies. SO MUCH hard and emotional work goes into rescue that is unseen.
So many of you have sent applications that I am so eager to review and so eager to send these beautiful babies to their Forever homes. But bear with me .. sometimes they need me the most. Usually spay recovery goes fairly smooth, although it is a painful surgery. But Shortie is having a harder time. Please keep her in your prayers.
Tomorrow Jonnie Girl is having an abdominal hernia surgery and a dental. This little girl has overcome Heartworm and heart irregularities and this is the final medical step before she can go to a Forever Home. Please pray for her too. It is all part of rescue, but nonetheless stressful for me.
Thank you all for your support. 💗💗 #PrayersForShortie

There were a lot of truly remarkable rescues last year. Pugs that had suffered horrific injuries like Ariana, horrific discomfort like Blossom, orphaned puppies declining fast, pugs living in horrific conditions like all the caged backyard breeder pugs and and all the pugs from China ... but the image of ChiChi in the grasp of the dog meat dealer shook us all. She was adopted by a wonderful family from Denver, Colorado, renamed RIVER SONG, and now lives a happy and LOVED life. RIVER @riversongchinapug joined Instagram not too long ago, and I thought maybe some of you would want to follow her and the images of her with her human sister would slowly melt away that horrific image from her initial rescue. When I have doubts about whether I can continue to save pugs .. whether I can physically keep up with the endless work, mentally keep up with the stress, the finances, the emotional exhaustion .. I look at pugs I have rescued, like RIVER ... and try to find a way. I hope glimpses of her new life at @riversongchinapug put a smile on your face on this particular day where so many things in this world make us sad. 💗 #RiverSong #ChangingTheWorldOnePugAtATime

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