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The PROPPR  Instant joyful releasing! PROP your feet up to get into the PROPPR alignment for a PROPPR BM. Free shipping when you order 2+.

The PROPPR is closing down this week. Jump onto the website today and use the code - propsale1- to order. If you suffer from any gut issues and are not using a bathroom footrest for effective daily elimination then make that change today. Within the week this stylish bathroom footrest will be sold out and gone for good so order now!

The PROPPR is closing down right now. If you would like to purchase a soon to be limited edition stylish bathroom footrest follow the link below. Use the code - propsale1 - for single purchases ($29 discount) and for 2 units use the code -propsale2. ($43 discount). Thank you to all our customers and supporters over the past 2 years for strengthening our vision to create healthier families and communities 🙏

We love sleek design and believe that your bathroom deserves a designer bathroom footrest. You were designed to Release in the squat position - use the PROPPR to simulate that position with style. Use the code PROPNOW for a designer discount- link in bio #healthydesign

Many women experience hormonal constipation whilst pregnant. There are several ways to assist this symptom yet one of the easiest and most natural is to simulate the correct releasing alignment. Using a PROPPR raises the knees above the hips - allows the puborectalis muscle to relax and the colon to straighten. Bathroom time is now quick, easy and complete. #pregnancy

Release the link for a healthier colon and a happier you #Releasethekink

Gut lovers we are having a 40% off mid year sale so for this week only you can PROP to SQUAT and let go deeply! If you have been curious about how this simple tool can make such a radical difference to your daily life - now is the time to check it out. (Offer only for Australia - sorry!) Shop via the link above and let go today! #theproppr

Laugh more and see the positive effect on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Also youthening for the face as exercises and tones the muscles. Practice over the weekend and see what happens for you! Happy Friday #laughter

Have you had a PROPPR morning? Thee is a natural way to let go easily. Working with your bodies perfect physiology will have profound wellbeing benefits. You were designed to release in the squat position yet since the invention of the seated toilet bowel problems have become increasingly prevalent. Experiment with using something that you can place your feet on to align your knees above your hips - you will be amazed at how this simple adjustment will make your bathroom time quick, easy and complete. #simple

Eat more Green and receive the benefits of powerful antioxidants, chlorophyll, minerals, nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. Green foods alkalise and detoxify the body and strengthen your immune system. Did you know that a health immune system and illness cannot co-exist in the same body? Make maintaining a healthy immune system a priority and ongoing wellness is yours #greens

How is it that We can sit on chairs for 6-10 hours per day (generally in a 90 degree angle) Then when we go to the bathroom our bodies have to try to release on a different 'chair' in the very same angles? How does the body make that leap or can it? Could this be one of the causes of constipation and the need to push and strain? A thought to twist your thinking on a Wednesday afternoon. Be great to know what you think? #problemsolving

Morning greens - you know you want to! Once upon a time we travelled the globe for a year and packed a stick blender (smartest travel companion ever) It meant that wherever we stayed we could make our own simple green smoothies with fresh produce from the local markets. Spinach, fresh berries, apples, coconut water - whatever was available. Always live and full of cleansing fibre it was just the perfect way to begin a healthy day of adventures. #travel #eatgreen

Awareness is the key to changing anything in life. Today with so many food choices ahead of you, make the commitment to ask yourself will this serve my body and mind or deplete me? If it's not going to beneficial to you you - don't eat it - make a different choice. Experiment with this idea today and learn to eat with awareness - it will serve you and change will be easy for you #awareness

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