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Don’t let others put out the fire of passion in you! Believe in your dreams even when others don’t! This moment is your opportunity to believe in yourself. ↔@thepoweroftantra
🔼Always remember, life is way too short to care what others think. If they criticise you for believing in yourself, their opinion isn’t worth valuing. Start believing in yourself and just know it’s impossible to please everyone, so don’t try. Don’t let them put you down, because if you let them, they’ll hold you there.
🔼The older you get the more you will realise a lot of people in this world do not deserve your time, or friendship. So do yourself a favour, let them go. Don’t take anything personally, what’s the point. There are even people close to you that want to hold you back, who don’t want to see you reach the top. Don’t let them win.
🔼Realise that you are your own person and ultimately the only one in charge of your own actions and feelings. You cannot control other people but you can control how you react and feel about them.🔼 Be yourself! Don’t keep trying to please others, or always worrying about offending others.
🔼Be a leader and stop being a follower TODAY! Be able to stand up to people. Be independent. 🔼Have power over yourself. 🔼Nobody can bring you down, nobody’s opinion can stop you from following your dream.
🔼Don’t be afraid to be yourself. 🔼Don’t change yourself just because someone wants you to or they are judging you. You are you, you can’t be anyone different.
🔼Don’t force change on others. They are themselves, they can’t be anyone different.
🔼Don’t surrender to anyone. Show to others that you are your own man or woman, and you will do what you want whether they like it or not.
🔼Don’t expect submission from other people. Treat everyone you come across with respect, don’t try to walk over them.
🔼Don’t try to find compromises all the time. You don’t have to agree with others opinions, but do respect them.
🔼Don’t judge people. They are who they are.
🔼Don’t let negative people suck your energy away.
Don’t procrastinate. Get things done. By Larry Lewis

Flipping the hand grip is really as easy as steps 1-6. ⚠️Pay special attention to 5, for that's the most important step to doing this with ease and comfort.
The other two crucial points to nailing this movement are:
1️🔼 shoulder flexibility
2️ 🔼hip flexors flexibility
Do check out past 🌟 #RuthsYogaTips posts for tips regarding the above two points. // Pinch and zoom in to see the tiny words 🤓
Rp @pinkchampagne13

Praying for everyone affected by today's violence and hate.

You can make a difference by giving out love and kindness.

#love #wearelove
#westandwithmanchester #manchester

Please stop the hate, stop the violence & stop the wars.

#manchester #arianagrande
#uk #stopthehate #stoptheviolence
@arianagrande we stand by your side

"Live so that when your children think of caring, fairness and integrity they think of you." H Jackson Browne 💙#motherdaughter 💙@summerperez 💙@cataleyaperez 💙via 👉 @yogaclicks
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Your Week mantra. Courtesy of the lovey Audrey Hepburn.
from @buddhibox
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Panda and Squeally 💕
At Exuma Bahamas @exumawatersports
Love em. Don't eat em.

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Kick'n the week off with some positive vibes ⠀
Check out 👉 @peace_love_light ✨ to get your week started ✨⠀

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This is really important.
Be nothing but yourself! 
Of course there are certain boundaries we must follow so please don't think its ok to start acting crazy.

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