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I call bullshit

Late To The Party Department: I'm just now earnestly getting into this album, and I am completely in love with this song.

With the con dust settling, I wanted to post these photos I took of the restaurant inside our hotel, the American Hotel Downtown. Being that the entire hotel was mid-20th-century-themed, with a lot of lovely 60s decor, I was amused to see that the restaurant was Cold War-themed! Make sure to swipe through for the menu.

CBD companies corner the skinhead demographic

Ponce is still Ponce sometimes.

The bill always comes due. Luckily, after 12 hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep I'm feeling a bit more ready to pay it. My 11th Dragon Con under my belt and they only keep getting better. Shout out to @gfoard and @weekendgirl for being awesome roommates, to @silverqueen26 for spending so much of her one day with us, to @sylas_cromwell for dragging his ass out on a school night, and to @screweduptight_sc, @blasphemy_made_fresh, @farhaanabeato, and everyone else who was always there to greet me as soon as I set foot out of my hotel. Also, massive leather-gloved fist bump to everyone who recognized my Kavinsky right away. Mischief Managed for another year. Here's to many more.

Parzival! Note the keys.


@weekendgirl representin

Finally got a full shot of my @kavinsky before I drown in sweat💦

Sunday Funday hos! Where y'all at??

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