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T H E P O R T E R F A R M  Our weekly #MeetMyChickenMonday contest could get you featured on our page. Our Etsy page has a variety of chicken cards available for you🐔📬

[Swipe right] If you've noticed how I've been a bit absent lately it's because of all these beautiful plants. A good friend and I started a business [@houseplantdesigns] and it took off over night! We are loving how busy it's got us and all the amazing things we've been given the opportunity to do over the past few months.
If you have plant questions are interested in a consult let me know!
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Happy Sunday friends! What are you doing with your "day off"? #sundayfunday #backyardchickens #smallflocksrock

Tonight's winner is from @sunnydaysfarm - This is Ping. One of three buff Brahma bantam hens. All 3 are lap hens. Their mama, Bernadette was sold with my rooster, Tonka and 4 other hens. Bernie was mean lol I’m surprised her daughters ended up friendly 😅The only reason I sold that group was because Tonka kept leading them into the pasture and one of my senior hens was killed by an eagle..the one predator kill I’ve had in 5 years. I still get teary thinking about the day I loaded them into the woman’s kennel and she commented how calm they all were. I burst into tears. I’m not really made of the stuff to sell animals. Anyways back to Ping and her sisters Peaches and Ginger. Love these girls. Another funny tidbit about their names is Ping and Ginger are named after my egg buying clients 😂😂 sharing for #meetmychickenmonday hosted by the @theporterfarm
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Today was tough. We had to say goodbye to #buckthechicken.. she was the last one left from our original 5 and one of the very first #meetmychickenmonday introductions.
Somehow her beak broke and infection set in very quickly.. before I even knew anything was wrong. She wasn't able to eat or drink and it was obvious she was in a lot of pain.
We knew what we signed up for when we got chickens but this is the day I have been fearing.
She will be so missed.

Tonight's winner is from @coop_crate!! This isn’t the best photo of my girl but this is the hen that stole my heart! Her name is Susie-q and she is the only of my first breed still alive. She was born with a broken wing and an issue with her crop and has been babies her whole life. She is for certain queen of the coop and the first one to greet me when I come out. I love that she looks like she’s smiling in her photos and how sweet she is! Wanted to share for #meetmychickenmonday .
. #myherbinmonday #tuesdayonthehomestead
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Don't hide! It's just #MEETMYCHICKENMONDAY! You know you've got some cute photos of your chickens that your looking for an excuse to post! Use the hashtag and tag us to be entered in our weekly contest. You might even get featured on our page!
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Loving how happy these potatoes are in my recycled pallet raised bed from! They are loving the straw compost that we mixed up. ❔Do you use a straw mix or how do you grow your potatoes❔ [[Go follow our friends at for other recycled pallet raised beds && more]] .
#recycledpallets #raisedbedgarden #cultuvateco #cultuvateindy #indy

I love adorably tangled carrots 🧡

🔊Can anyone tell me what is happening here? I feel like she ate too fast...? #pleasebenormal

Look at all this variety!! We saved #heirloomtomatoes seeds from three tomatoes last summer and just threw them all together (smart move, right?😜) SOMEHOW I ended up with one of each!! So excited. The other two are #chadwickcherry and #blackicicle - man I love summer.

Garden is booming and purple pole beans are poppin'. I never want summer to end.
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