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The Pole Studio  One of the UKs largest pole fitness schools based in the South. With 16 studios (5 full time) & 19 and instructors.


TPS instructor and Dorking manager @holly_gibbons doing a combo with all moves from our syllabus. #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polecombo #polestudio #poledance #polelesson #poleaddict #instructor #polefitnessinstructor #dorking #TPS

The Pole Studio Twickenham @nuffield.health.twickenham will be expanding its timetable as of November. Beginner to elite group classes will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Private and small group classes will also be offered in the daytime as of October. Email helen@thepolestudio.co.uk #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #morehours #daytimelessons #polelessons #polestudio #poleclasses #twickenham #nuffieldhealth #TPS

Our lovely beautiful pupil Lili Summer @lilisummer_xo who attends classes at TPS Uxbridge. Her review of her lessons with us so far : "I started pole fitness almost a year ago now with very low expectations of myself & what i'd be able to do. Thanks to the lovely teachers who made classes so much fun, I found myself falling in love with pole and amazing myself at what i could achieve.
I would see moves and think "i could never do that" then a few months down the line I'd have it mastered, with no hands!
Not only did I have no upper body strength before I started at The Pole Studio, - and i mean none at all, I was not a gym-goer, and never felt the desire to exercise, so didn't think pole would be for me.
However, my strength improved surprisingly quickly and I even ended up getting a pole for myself at home, so I could practice and develop even more. Not only are the teachers lovely, patient and supportive, I have also made some great friends through pole. So I would definitely recommend anyone who is unsure to give it a go & I promise you will fall in love with it like I did!" #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #pdbutterflyhandstand #polestudio #poleaddict #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #uxbridge #TPS

The super strong Kelly Robinson who attends classes at TPS Surbiton. her review on her time with us so far : "When I went to my first class at The Pole Studio I had no idea what to expect but I had so much fun I couldn't wait for the next lesson. TSP's syllabus is designed to build up skills and strength so you only learn tricks when you're ready. The instructors are fantastic and genuinely want to see you succeed. It's hard work but enjoyable and I never have to motivate myself to go. Everyone is so friendly and really encouraging. I'd recommend The Pole Studio to anyone wanting a fun way to exercise with well trained instructors." #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #poleaddict #polestudio #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #surbiton #TPS

The awesome Amy Turner @blondemimulous who attends weekly classes at TPS Maidenhead. Her review of her lessons so far : "I started with The Pole Studio a few years ago just to give it a try and was immediately hooked. First time I managed to get into an invert I felt so amazing and so proud of the achievement. I straight away wanted to try the next move and haven't stopped since. TPS has really helped me improve my body confidence and I am so much stronger, yet it never feels like exercise. I would really recommend pole to anyone, no matter what your size or fitness level, I have so much fun in my classes every week." #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #polestudio #poleaddict #polemove #pdgenevive #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #maidenhead #TPS

Some of our awesome beginner pupils at TPS Staines and Twickenham in super strong pole stands and sits taught by one of our newest team members @deedeedayxx - Dee teaches beginner and intermediate classes! ☺️#thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polestudio #poleaddict #polelesson #thepolestudiopupils #pdpolesit #pdpolestand #pupils #twickenham #staines #TPS

Our beautifully strong pupil Grace Church @gracechurch__ who attends lessons at TPS Reigate. Her review of her lessons with us so far : "I joined the pole studio January this year and I never thought i would enjoy it so much.
I was so nervous on my first season I thought i was going to make a complete fool of myself I always seem to put myself down and to have kate as an instructor that tells you, you can do it is amazing she is so lovely and very helpful thank you so much for being an amazing teacher.
I have so much fun doing it i can't get enough of it, I would definitely recommend The Pole Studio to anyone it's AMAZING!!!!" #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #poleaddict #polestudio #poledance #pdbutterflyhandstand #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #reigate #TPS

The awesome Marianne Cook @mariannerxse attends weekly lessons in TPS Staines, her review on her lessons with us so far :"I started lessons at The Pole Studio in January this year and I have loved every minute of it! As a dancer I love to find new ways to challenge myself physically, and I thought pole fitness would be the perfect way to do so. The TPS syllabus and lessons are put together perfectly to develop your skills and strength over time - before I joined I had very minimal upper body strength and I am amazed at the improvement I have made, and my confidence has also increased greatly.
All of the other pupils I have ever had lessons with are so friendly and supportive; everyone is so encouraging to one another when you are working towards a new move which is really motivational. The instructors are really professional and are invested into your pole development - Marc has been my instructor from my first taster session at TPS, his lessons are super fun and he always pushes me to my limit helping to improve my skills. I would very highly recommend The Pole Studio to anyone and everyone who wants to challenge themselves and try something new - you won't regret it!" #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #polestudio #poledance #polemove #pdcrusifix #poleaddict #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #staines #TPS

The Pole Studio awesome and strong pupil Gemma @gemmas_quest who attends lessons at TPS Reading. Her review of her time with us so far : "I'm passionate about health and fitness but like everyone I struggle to motivate myself to exercise if I don't find it fun. I love dancing, and wanted to take a pole class for ages, but I kept thinking 'I'm not the kind of confident girl who takes pole classes.' But then I gave TPS a try and I love it, it's the highlight of my week. It's fun, it's a great workout, and you progress really fast which keeps your confidence up. Would definitely recommend TPS for anyone looking for a tough full body workout, a confidence boost and a fun time." #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #pdscorpio #polemove #poledance #polestudio #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #reading #TPS

The wonderful Martina Filin @martinafilin from our Twickenham studio, her review of her time with us so far : "Two years ago I started pole dancing simply because I wanted to try something different. I never liked the idea of going to the gym or waking up early and running in the park. So I decided to give it a go and joined the Pole studio. After the first 15 minutes of my first pole lesson I was ready to give up - I was in pain and I was tired and I was thinking to myself "What are you even doing here, you can't do a single push up"! (I literally couldnt do a single push up). This is me two years later. It has been an up and down journey - sometimes you get the move or spin straight away and somethimes you have to work over a year to learn something (I hate you, shouldermount!)... but we always have the support of our amazing instructors who not only teach us pole moves, spins and techniques, but also encourage us and helps us build our confidence. I would definitely recommend The Pole studio to everyone - it s a great team of professionals who will make sure you have fun while you get fit!" #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #polelesson #polestudio #poledance #poleaddict #pdglider #polemove #thepolestudiopupil #pupil #twickenham #TPS

The wonderful Jo @joy1007 one of our lovely TPS Merton pupils. Her review on her lessons so far with us : "I suffered from post natal depression hence went in search of an activity that will bring back the fun, bubbly, positive me. Signed up for a session with TPS in March and voila: physically challenging, fun and exciting classes. TPS instructor Charmaine is an amazing coach and mentor her delivery is flawless; which allows me to build that "yes I can" self confidence. I totally recommend TPS definitely unveiled the fun bubbly, positive me with a core strength never imagined I could have 😊." #thepolestudio #pole #polefitness #poleaddict #pdplank #polestudio #polelesson #poledance #polemove #pupil #thepolestudiopupil #merton #TPS

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