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Just a couple more sneak peeks until the full reveal tomorrow! Pictured here are the stickers for the TPS kit for August! 6 sheets of fun decorative and functional stickers! Perfect for any size planner!! Ps!! Kits started shipping early this morning! Wahoo!! They will be working all day long today, partial tomorrow and then all day Tuesday and Wednesday! #stickerhoarder #thatsme πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Well hello! I'm a dork! πŸ™ˆ... I did an instastory early on these beauties and said I would be posting this for sneak peeks shortly and then I totally spaced it! πŸ˜‚ ( my printer ran out of ink in the middle of printing some papers I was working on and it sidetracked me and I went to staples instead 😜). Anyhow.. here we go!!! The next sneak peek of the August Planner Society kits! This month, we had a hard time choosing what specialty papers to do, so instead of 3 we did 5!! Two printed acetate and three vellums! The acetates are a floral pattern and a girl pattern and the vellums are a butterfly pattern, a eclectic stripe pattern and a girl! I am certainly going to enjoy all the extras this month!! I can't wait πŸ™Š ps! We had a bit of an issue here today with our internet service being down ( as you all probably already know from instastories 😬), but good news is! It's fixed now and kits will begin shipping tomorrow! They will spend tonight printing labels for all the boxes going out tomorrow! We have been warned that our internet service may receive some delays or be out of service at times over the next week due to the eclipse and the half million visitors they expect in our little town of 50k for the event. So we are going to try to print all of or labels at night when we hope others won't be using theirs, in hopes that shipping won't be interrupted too much from this massive event happening in our town.πŸ™ˆ excited for the eclipse for sure, but It's kinda right in the middle of all shipping week and that makes for some fun hurdles! But we are doing our best to make sure they all get out on time! We are excited to get these into your hands! More peeks coming and then a full reveal as well! #lovemesomevellum #yum

Time for the washi tape reveal for the Planner Society kit!! This month we have done TWO washis for Planner kit! First we have a gorgeous floral in 15mm size and then we have a 30mm tape that included both styles of our girls alternating throughout a white background! I seriously can't WAIT to see how you girls use these!!!! πŸ™Š #washitapelove #rightthere

More sneak peeks for the Planner Society kit! Wahoo! How fun are these pleather printed butterfly paperclips for the August tps kit!? They are the perfect size for any planner and we included two, because well, let's be honest, I am always misplacing one 😘😜. How is your Tuesday going?! Today I registered my youngest son Noah, for junior high, also got his 7th grade shots, helped ben take in Preston's car to the mechanic shop, had a design team meeting with @livelifeandcreate and @maryjplans, got Ethan to driving school ( he's 14 and half and will have his license any day now!!), and now I'm taking the three oldest kids school shopping for new pants, shirts and shoes. Oh And I can't forget tonight is my Tuesday night date with my son Parker! (He just came in and reminded me πŸ˜‰. ) Seriously love that boy! So what are YOU up to today! Hope whatever it is, it's bringing you joy! Happy Tuesday friends! 😘

Happy Monday morning!! Is your Monday a typical crazy morning or is it calm and collected? 😜. Why are mondays always so crazy lol?! πŸ™ˆ Well I thought I would start off the day with a another peek of the Planner Society kit! So as you know last week we debuted the shaker and pocket cards for this month and USUALLY we don't do notecards when we do those! Well this month I just had to design some additional notecards because um 2 shaker cards and a pocket card were just not enough! πŸ˜‰ Excited for these extras and all the design possibilities! Ps!! Today is the LAST day to signup to start a sub when us for this month! August kits are full for this month but if you signup to start with September ( the current signup that is up), you will not only get the change to purchase any left over August kits, you will also get the opportunity to purchase our exclusive August Tn and Tn kit! Link is in my profile! #wewouldlovetohaveyou!

Oh hello Saturday! I've spent the entire day with my baby girl ( well she's 17 and going to college next week 😭) @allie_tomlinson! She just got back from serving in Thailand with @ossovolunteer all summer long, and today we spent the day getting things for her apartment! I can't believe she starts in a week! Luckily she will only be 2 hours away and I can go "drop" in anytime like annoying moms do and see how she's doing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ. Anyhow back to the reason for the post! A sneak peek of course?! How fun are these two shaker cards and pocket card for the Planner Society kit! So fun to put on dashboards or inside planners and the Perfect size too! Can't wait to set up my entire planner with this kit! The wait is killing me! πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ#butiwillbegood #illwaituntilyouallhaveyourkitstoo 😜

Happy Friday! Can you believe this week has flown by?! And oh my goodness thank you to all who purchased tickets to come to our 2nd annual TPS CROP! For those that missed out, don't worry we will have some changes to win coming up in the next week both here on Instagram and in our Facebook group! So keep an eye out for that! Well it wouldn't be Friday without a sneak peek right?? So I had to come on and share with you the peeks of the three washi tapes going in this month's Washi Tape Society kit! I'm loving the vibes this kit has and I can't wait for it to start shipping the end of next week! It will be here before we know it! Hope your Friday is amazing friends! #whoelseloveswashitapeasmuchasme? #idontthinkitspossible πŸ™ˆ

Edited! Oh my goodness it sold out!! Thank you thank you to all who are coming! If you didn't get a ticket don't worry friends! We saved a few spots that we are going to be giving away here and in our Facebook group in the next week!! Two will be a ticket into the event, two will include a ticket into the event and hotel, and 2 will be all expenses paid, travel and everything! So watch for that coming soon!! !!!!! All the information about the 2017 TPS crop event is in the link, which is now in my profile!
Remember if you are on a phone you may have trouble adding the item directly to your cart, so copy the link in my profile, close complelty out of this Instagram app and open your web browser and paste it! But sure your Instagram app is totally closed! We can't wait to have you!!!

Are you girls ready for more sneak peeks! Well first off, I have to say I have the most wonderful friends in the world!! ( hello all of YOU). Thank you to all of you who sent messages of love and encouragement yesterday! I spent the entire 3 hours last night driving home from Utah, replying to as many as I could, and I didn't even get a 1/2 of the way through! I still have hundreds more I need to respond to and I do plan on responding to each one! So Thank you thank you for the time you took to write them and show me compassion and love. I truly appreciate it! my heart is full! 😘 So its Thursday and I thought let's start this day off with a little fun sneak peek of more of the August Planner Society kits! Say hello to the beautiful floral puffy stickers! I don't think we've ever done a sheet of just florals, but we've had requests for it so many times that this month, we decided why it! They can be used in so many different ways inside your planners or for decorating dashboards and dividers, even making paperclips from them. So versatile and so fun! I've got plenty more sneak peeks on the way as well as a special giveaway coming up! Oh and for those who have been waiting.. tomorrow is the DAY! Tomorrow We will be announcing our 2nd annual TPS crop in Fullerton CA and tickets will on sale tomorrow at noon mst! It will be September 22 and 23rd, and All information about the crop, the event, what's included, etc will be posted tomorrow and the link to it will be in our profile! We will also be sending out a newsletter about it as well! So watch for that coming tomorrow! It's September 22nd and 23rd ( this year a two day event!), so double the fun! Watch for that coming tomorrow!! We can't wait!!

It's Tuesday! ( that's felt like a Monday πŸ˜‚... I guess I couldn't escape it! 😜). I thought I would jump on here and answer a few questions about this cute little Pocket Wide Tn pictured in yesterday's photo! Last month, we made the decision to do a one time Pocket TN Kit and Pocket Tn Planner that matched our August kit and was exclusively for subscribers only. ( since it matches the monthly sub). We were just going to order in a limited amount but so many of you requested a pre-order, even though it was site unseen ( as we weren't willing to debut the color scheme or theme of the August kit yet since it was still July 😜). We sent out an email to all current subscribers, as of July 18th, and also mentioned it on social media that those private emails to subscribers had been sent. We sent a final reminder a few days later to all subscribers letting them know the pre-order was closing and then we put in the order for the items to our manufacturer. We DID order extra for those didn't want to order site unseen or who were going to be new for August, so we do have those available as well! The Tn kit and tns won't actually be here until the 1st of September, however we will be offering the extra ones we ordered around the 18th or 19th of August. An email again will go out to ONLY current subscribers so if you are starting your sub for August, already have a current sub for August, or you are joining us for September ( meaning you've gone to the website and signed up to start a sub), you will get that email! Again it will be limited amounts and will be this TN And a matching pocket size tn kit ( much like the one we offered in May!) the only difference in this tn is that we upgraded to a slightly subtle textured PU leather, and we Love how it feels now! So beautiful! Soo if you want the opportunity to purchase this Tn ( or the matching TN kit which is not shown here, we don't have physical pictures yet), you need to be a current subscriber! We are currently taking signups for September so you can sign up if you aren't! Link to all our information is in my profile! Hope I've answered most of the questions! Let me know if you have any more! Xoxox ps swipe right!

Hello beautiful Monday morning!! My bed is made, in showered, ice already done like 50 million instastories this morning and it's a MONDAY?! What the what?! πŸ˜‚. Hey I'll take it! Monday and me don't usually mix well, but today.. we are jamming! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ. Soooo I've got another sneak peek for you today! Sometime totally new and something we haven't done before on our kits! How gorgeous is this charm for the August Planner Society kit?! It was co-designed by myself and @livelifeandcreate and I love how it turned out! It's got two beautiful flowers, two charms and a ribbon and lace bow. It comes with an extender so you can use it on any style of planner! Yep! We thought of everything! πŸ˜‰ I can't wait to see these gorgeous goodies on your planners later this month! So much more goodness to come! For those asking, we are full for August Planner Society signups, however we always have some left over after we get done shipping, so if you signup to start in September ( which you can do through the link in my profile), you will have the opportunity to purchase the extra August kits we have! Link to signup is in my profile! #isntshegorgeous? #ijustloveher

Did I hear someone say silver? πŸ™ŠπŸ˜... We know so many of you love silver accents and so we thought it would be fun for this kit to do a pen featuring it! Say hello to the beautiful floral crystal pen for this month's August TPS kits! Also pps! We have an online crop happening this afternoon in our Facebook group and there will be live tutorial videos from our design team members, games and giveaways! Plus.. a little birdie told me a sneak peek of the August TN planner will be in it 😜. So head on over to the Facebook group for that asap!!

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