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A magnificent sunset against the Baobab Tree in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.
Being on safari in Tanzania is not just about the wildlife. There are some pretty incredible landscapes as well.
These Baobab trees dot the landscape throughout the country. I managed to snap this one on the way back to the lodge after an amazing day on safari!
Join us this August for our VIP Photo Tour in Tanzania with @discoveryphototours where you can grab great shots like this too!
Details are in the link in our bio!
Hope to see you there!
#tanzania #safari

Staring down the lioness of the Serengeti.
Don’t forget that we are running our first photography tour in Tanzania on August 19-29, 2018.
We have a few spots left so check out the link in our bio if you want to join us on this trip of a lifetime!
One of the things you will be almost guaranteed to see is lions like this beautiful female.
We had just entered Serengeti National Park when we spotted her sitting atop a rock.
The sun was low and the lighting perfect. Just another magical moment in Tanzania.
#safaris #tanzania

Flying high over the massive waves on the North Shore of Oahu.
I enjoy a good surf as much as the next guy but there is no way you could get me out in these!
The North Shore of Oahu is known for its big surf and man I is impressive.
Oahu is one of those islands that you could visit over and over again!
#hawaii #oahu #hawaiilife #hawaiian

Sunset on the lake in Northern Ontario, Canada.
As summer approaches here in Ontario I can't wait to experience more moments like this.
The lakes in Northern Ontario are something that everyone should see once in their life.
Algonquin Park is a perfect example. We spent a few days camping on a deserted lake where we witnessed beautiful sunsets and photographed the most moose I have ever seen.
It is a quintessential Canadian experience 😊.
#discoveron #explorecanada

Bhutan in all of its glory and beauty.
**Turn the Sound on**
Tag someone you would like to visit Bhutan with!

Bhutan is definitely one of those places that captures your heart. From the amazing people to the stunning landscapes, it is a place you want to return to again and again.
I hope this video capture a little bit of what is special about Bhutan.
#bhutan #bhutanese #bhutan_ig

The locals are what really make Bhutan special.
Hiking in the Himalayas is not just all about the views. Yes, they are spectacular, but it is the people that you meet along the way that stay with you forever.
As we were starting our final climb up to Laya Deb and I hung behind to take some more photos.
As we were walking along the trail this lady motioned for us to come closer. She couldn’t speak any English and could just motion with her hands.
We broke out some snacks and shared them with her in silence.
All the while I couldn’t help but think what change this woman had seen in her life.
After about 20 minutes we had to move on but when we made our way back down she stopped us and shook our hands and thanked us.
It is special moments like these that made trekking in Bhutan so amazing.
#bhutan #bhutanese #bhutan_ig

Looking over the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan.
Punakha was such a great place for exploration is Bhutan. From the stunning Dzhongs to the magnificent valleys you could really get a feel for the beauty of the country.
It is known for its mountains but he history and eye popping scenery make the cities a must to explore.
All this week we will be featuring photos from our time in Bhutan.
I hope you enjoy 😊.
#bhutan #bhutanese #bhutan_ig

The sun sets at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California.
We had heard about Pfeiffer Beach and that it was a hidden gem along the Big Sur Coast.
Well it did not disappoint.
There are rock formations just off the beach that are incredible. This particular view I loved because of the rocks in the foreground.
Sony A7RII
16-35 f/4
11 seconds
6 stop ND filter
.9 soft grad ND
#visitcalifornia #bigsur #sonyalphaclub #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #californiaadventure #california #longexpo_addiction #longexposure_shots #longexpohunter #beachlife #beaches #sunset_lovers #bigsurcoast #seemonterey #earthpix #california_igers

Sunset over Dracula's Castle in Transylvania.
Also known as Bran Castle this beauty was built back in the 14th Century. It sits in a beautiful location and really stands out once the sun starts to go down.
You can almost hear Bram Stokers words as you gaze upon this beautiful scene.
We had a blast exploring Romania and can't wait to go back!
Sony A7RII
Sony 70-200 f4
30 seconds
6 stop ND filter
#romania #dracula #alphacollective

Golden light floods the landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey.
One of the most amazing things we have done in our travels was to take a balloon ride in Cappadocia.
The early morning rise is definitely worth it when scenes like this are all around you.
#turkey #cappadocia

Taking in the beauty of my ancestral homeland of Scotland. ---- One of the best things we have done was our #AncestryDNA test with @ancestry (#ad). It helped us unlock a whole new dimension to our travels. ——
Being able to trace the roots of my ancestors while I was in Scotland not only made me feel closer to the people but gave me a new appreciation for what my ancestors went through working this rugged land.
I had an idea that I had Scottish heritage but to find out exactly where I was from was awesome. ——
Make sure to check out our Instagram Stories celebrating #DNADay and the moment we found out our #AncestryDNA results! #DNATravel

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”~ Gustavo Flaubert.
Nowhere in the world is this more true then in Antarctica. Being surrounded by immense ice formations and the deafening silence that is only broken by the cracking and creaking of ice is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.
Antarctica is my favourite destination for many reasons but think that feeling of appreciating nature has never been so prevalent then when I was down there.
#antarctica #icefordays

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