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Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman  Wife of Cowboy. Mother of Four. Lover of Butter. Amen.❀️

Paige's first college visit! It's that time again?!?!? I've only teared up once today, and it was during the introductory video at the beginning of the tour. I said it was allergies, and I'm pretty sure everyone bought it. πŸ‘πŸ»

Old photo of me, circa 2008. But here are my reflections. 1) Jean size was still a single digit. Oh well! Why have one digit when you can have two? Ha. 2) What oh what ever happened to this shirt? Gone from my life and I need it back in order to be truly happy again. Dang, I loved that shirt. And the best part, 3. The barn nails in the foreground that cows clearly used to scratch their backs through the years. Classic. Guess I need to stop looking at old photos! These reflections take up way too much time!

Such a fun President's Day weekend! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ³β˜€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @pwmercantile

Yes, I took my daughter to a mall kiosk in 1998 and had her photo taken in an angel outfit. A normal stage of new motherhood, yes? At least that's what I've told myself for the past nineteen years. (I love this photo, man...)

We have a cowboy on the ranch and his name is Cameron. He's a hard worker, he's nice, and he's hilarious. On my Food Network show this morning, you'll get to meet him! I make him a dinner kit of short rib sandwiches, salad, ridonkulous brownies with salted caramel frosting, and a jug of lemonade sweet tea. Enjoy the fun cowboy scenes and mouthwatering food at 10 ET/9 CT!

Ladd took me out to eat our own restaurant. 😜 Might seem a little funny, but since we opened October 31, tonight was the first time we've gotten a chance to sit down and eat at The Merc together. It was a great date, we shared this sundae-for-two, and I kinda love him. ❀️

SO EXCITED!!!!! #thunderup (Cameo by Todd!)

Making these for my favorite father-in-law on my Food Network show this morning! It's a show for chocoholics, and its starts...well, now! 😊

Stacks & piles & multiples: It's how The Merc rolls! 😜

It's been three months since we opened The Mercantile in our small town. I started shooting new episodes of my cooking show on the ranch the very next day, and since the crew was in town getting ready for the shoot, they decided to head to The Merc to film all the fun of opening day. The show will air on Food Network tomorrow morning, and I hope you enjoy it! Man, it's been quite an adventure around here. 😊

Groundhog Claws at @pwmercantile bakery! Oh me oh my. A great way to kick off six more weeks of winter! 😜

I have finally found my favorite shirt, and it only took me 48 years. I am not exaggerating, either. It is my favorite shirt I have ever owned. (My "Who Shot J.R." tee from 1980 doesn't count.) I think it's Free People, but I'm not positive. I would look at the tag to confirm but I wore it five days in a row last week and finally had to send it to the cleaners. Thank you for listening.