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The Picturebooks  Music, Skateboarding, motorcycles... that's all we need... that's it!


More of this in Hannover at #luxhannover TONIGHT!!! Our show starts at 20:45. Photo taken at @bollwerk107 by @thezitterman #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Moers at @bollwerk107 was such a special show, thanx everybody for this unforgettable evening!!! It was also little 7-years old Lea’s very first Rock concert, so we asked her and her dad up on stage with us. Fynn told her: “I remember how my dad took me to shows when I was your age...” See you guys in Hannover at ”Lux” TONIGHT!!! Photo by Anja Woi of Rockstone.Blog #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Fully stocked in the merch department, we also managed to get 20 more skateboards by @trapskateboards see you in Moers at @bollwerk107 TONIGHT!!!! #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Wiesbaden-that was f.....g AMAZING!!! More photos tomorrow. #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Soundtrack done, now some food and see you at @schlachthof_wiesbaden for our show at 8 PM TONIGHT!!! #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Soundchecking at @jovelmusichall in Münster. See you here TONIGHT!!! #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Finishing this backstage game of Ping-Pong real quick and then we’ll see you on stage at Trix Antwerp later TONIGHT !!! Photo by @thezitterman #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

@eatdust are giving away four tickets to our show in Antwerp TONIGHT- simply comment and we’ll hand pick the winners. #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

Quick reminder, this Thursday we are making a shop appearance at @titusmuenster - we are playing a quick acoustic set and giving away five of these super exclusive #thepicturebooks skateboards by @trapskateboards ! The whole thing goes from two in the afternoon till three, be there or be square! #titus #thepicturebooks #homeisaheartachetour2017

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